A Complete Guide On How To Root Galaxy Note 4

Do you want to root Galaxy Note 4? Now Galaxy Note 4 is reaching out to stores all around the globe. People can receive the smartphone in their hands but the Chainfire, rockstar developer, renowned for his amazing  CF Auto Root or SuperSU app for Galaxy devices. As it has already launched root for many Galaxy Note 4 devices. Chainfire launched the Galaxy Note 4 root for Qualcomm or Exynos devices based on apq8084 or exynos5 chipsets.

Galaxy Note 4 root was first introduced for the Asian versions of the device whenever the stock firmware was made available for the device. Chainfire ensures to release root for other versions when stock firmware was to be made available.

You can easily root Galaxy devices for Chainfire. But if we talk about carrier-locked Galaxy devices, it is difficult to root them, even for Chainfire. Last year, the AT&T or Verizon versions of Galaxy S5 weren’t rootable using the CF Auto Root package. So the users raised a bounty of around $2000 for those who root the said devices. Geohot is known for his work on jailbreaking many Apple devices. It is launch as a universal rooting method i.e Towelroot.

Towelroot can easily root AT&T or Verizon Galaxy devices with many other Android devices from different manufacturers. Also, it used an exploit that root all mobile devices. However, now it is patched by Samsung and many other mobile manufacturers. It doesn’t work anymore on the latest firmware. And then Galaxy Note 4 can’t be rootable with Towelroot.

The US versions of Galaxy Note 4 from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc. may not view Galaxy Note 4 root from CF Auto Root package.

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Galaxy Note 4

The CF-Root package has been around since the days of the real Galaxy S back in the year 2010. Then rooting tool is evolve into CF Auto Root with the launch of Galaxy S3. It is a very successful rooting strategy in the history of Samsung Galaxy devices.

CF Auto root uses the SuperSU app for organizing Superuser permissions. However, it is the best app on the Play store to organize or manage Superuser permission for root access to applications and ADB.

Well, if you don’t know anything about root, so let’s start with that, and then we’ll discuss the advantages of rooting Galaxy Note 4 and the risks.

What do you know about Rooting Galaxy Note 4?

Rooting a mobile device means gaining root access to the device. It’s having system-level rights on your device Galaxy Note 4. You don’t get these rights on your mobile as if used or misused without caution these privileges can damage your phone.

In short, rooting is all gems or fun. You could do many amazing things on a rooted device. And if you’re a pro user, rooting your device will super boost the way you interact with your mobile.

Advantages Of Rooting Galaxy Note 4:

After rooting your device you can do a lot of fun stuff on your mobile. Third-party developers make lots of awesome MODs, themes, custom ROMs, and other stuff that can only a root user could enjoy. The Note 4 has just launched yet though, so we’re only offering the general pros of rooting Note 4 for now. But whenever we find some good stuff for Note 4 users to play with, we’ll update this article soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Here are some best benefits that you’ll enjoy whenever you root your device. But know that, there are many pros to rooting in general, and to keep it short, we’re sticking to the instant benefits only that you’ll enjoy after rooting your device.

Erase bloatware:
  • Bloatware is the stuff that Samsung puts on your devices as features. But the reality is that these features from Samsung can hog down your mobile and unnecessarily consumes your mobile battery. So for the pro users, it’s a good deal. And using root access on your device can be easily dealt with. Using a rooted Note 4 you can easily remove or delete any app that came pre-installed on your mobile, also hidden apps from the /system/apps/ directory on the phone. But you use the root access on your device very carefully. However, if you erase an app then there might be a chance that you’ll soft-brick your device.
Turn On WiFi Hotspot:
  • Samsung devices are compatible with a Wi-Fi hotspot and USB tethering by default. But the majority of carriers block this feature. Using root access you can easily bypass any carrier limitation and use your mobile as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Performance Boost
  • Erasing bloatware alone should provide you the best performance boost and improve battery life. But if you’re searching for more, you can manually profile your mobile CPU to your liking through the SetCPU app using root access.
Backup & Recover Apps With Data:
  • With the help of root, you can easily restore or backup apps/games with data using Backup + or TitaniumBackup (and other same apps).
Flash Firmware Updates Via Mobile ODIN:
  • Using root access you can easily flash official/leaked unofficial firmware on your device using the Mobile ODIN app by Chainfire.
Use Xposed Modules:
  • Xposed modules allow you to tweak your device like anything. WanamXposed is a very popular or top-rated module for mobile devices. There are many amazing modules available for the Xposed framework, which every rooted Android user can use.

I hope the benefits give you an idea of rooting your Galaxy Note 4.

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Risks Factors Involve With Rooting:

Here are some risks while rooting your device:

  • Voids Warranty: Rooting will brick the warranty on your device.
  • Could soft-brick your device: This is very serious. Well, it depends on you. If you don’t follow proper steps with anything regarding root apps or rooting in general. Then there might be a chance that you’ll end up soft-bricking your Galaxy Note 4.

Root Galaxy Note 4 – HowTo:

As we discussed before, we are using CF Auto Root to root our device. And the process of rooting is identical for all versions of Galaxy Note 4. However, the cf-auto-root file is different for every variant. So follow the link to root your device:


I hope you find it helpful. If you want to ask anything the let us know below. Also, share your thoughts, suggestions, or feedback with us in the comment section below!

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