A Complete Review On Dllhost.exe

An instant peruses through Task Manager on Windows system will reveal a process called dllhost.exe executing in the background. If you’ve found that, you must know what it and its description of “COM Surrogate” are doing and whether or not it’s a secure process to execute on your PC. The best thing to consider is that it is assumed to be there. Microsoft creates the process. Also, the process is packaged in every model of the Windows OS.

Also, there is a small chance that dllhost.exe could get infected by malware or a virus. However, if your PC is up to date with all of the new security patches from Windows Update. And you already installed an anti-virus like Microsoft Security Essentials. Then you probably don’t get into issues with infection.

What is COM+?

What is COM+

If you want to know what dllhost.exe does, you must know to understand what the COM+ Service is. COM+ stands for Component Object Model. After pulling up the process/service in Process Explorer it can’t reveal much. The process description reads:

Manages or organizes the tracking or configuration of Component Object Model (COM)+ based components. When the service stopped, some COM+-based components can’t function properly. If this service is turned off, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to begin.

If you really delve into what the process does then take a look at the Microsoft Dev Center library. Also, it uncovers that COM+ is primarily essential for the following:

  • Deploying enterprise-level apps for the whole network.
  • It provides pre-existing components for app development. COM+ is considered an object-oriented programming architecture.
  • Executing an event registry that can handle system requests, increase security, triggering process handles, and creates service request queues for apps.

COM+ can consist of building block components that play well or self-defining with others. The usefulness in this comes from the design components of being shared and reused by many apps. Not only the design can lower the system resources demand, but also it improves initialization speed. COM is not written in any particular programming language. However, there are separate classes for each one that depends on the programming language. On the enterprise level, it provides the benefit of mass-deployment with a GUI tool Microsoft created known as DCOM.

Dllhost.exe A Host For Binary Executables & DLL Files

What is Dllhost.exe

A DLL is a size-unspecific block of code saved in a single file. This code can be the makeup of an app, service, or an add-on for a GUI or graphical user interface. Dllhost.exe, which is quite similar to svchost.exe, is a required Windows service for COM+ oriented programming code.

Risks Factors

Dllhost.exe is very safe or secure as long as the PC is up to date on all security patches and reliable antivirus is installed. After you view it in the following places you are safe or secure:

  • The process official directory location is C:\Windows\System32\dllhost.exe
  • Dllhst3g is a valid Windows process saved in the same System32 folder.

In case, if dllhost.exe appears anywhere else, it’s just like a virus. Some worm viruses copy the name of the dllhost and save themselves in the System32 folder. For example:

  • Worm/Loveelet-Y stores or save itself in /Windows/System32/ as dllhost.com
  • Worm/Loveelet-DR stores or save itself in /Windows/System32/ as dllhost.dll

High CPU Usage

The possible security flaw COM+ system design is that it enables any DLL stored on the system to run. Let’s suppose that the trigger starting it the required permissions. It means that whenever you view a high CPU usage for dllhost.exe it is probably not the host process causing the issue. But besides a loaded DLL executing through the host. You can also use a program like Process Explorer to explore further.


Dllhost.exe is a safe or secure Windows process designed by Microsoft. You can use this process for launching other apps and services. It should be left running as it is critical to many system resources. If you want to know more about it then let us know in the comment section below!

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