A Complete Review On File Extension AAE

What do you know about file extension AAE? After looking through your pictures folder, you might have come across some with AAE file extension. The users having an Apple device, the photo can be named something like IMG_2345.AAE. On Windows PC, the file extensions can’t show by default. Therefore, the file name might just be IMG_12345 with a blank or null icon preview. It can confuse Windows users. I know you are thinking about how you can open it as when you try, you will get a message something with the lines of “Windows cannot open this file.”

An .AAE file is just the edits that made to an existing photo on an Apple device. An AAE file can be removed without removing the actual picture, but you will lose all edits that you have made to the file. The edit data is stored in an XML format that you can view easily in a text editor like Notepad.


However, it is a native file extension to machines or Apple devices, specifically iOS 8 and later and Mac OS 10.10 and above. If you move a picture with this file extension to a Windows PC. Then the file will move as a regular old JPEG format and the edits made can’t be present.

In the previous model of iOS, any edits made to an image can automatically overwrite the real photograph. After the launch of the AAE file, this is no longer the issue. Now after you make an edit, the real file is left alone and stores the edit steps in a blank file. Make sure the AAE file is also known as the AAE sidecar file. The AAE file location is in the same folder as the real photo and follows the same format of naming.

What’s More?

After you complete your edits on your iOS device, the simplest thing to do is to email the finished picture to yourself. After doing this can “seal” the edits to the image. You can then post it to Instagram or Facebook. Make sure if you do so it’ll always lower the quality of the image a bit.

However, these files are totally useless on Android or Windows devices. Options to use them might become available soon, but we can’t predict. You can also remove these files easily if you select it. However, if you want to store them in the hope that you can use it later, it won’t hurt anything. Each of these files is small and takes up virtually no drive storage.


Well, I love that the real photo is no longer overwritten automatically. But it would make more sense to just ask us if we want to overwrite them or store them separately. It uses your space and also confuse you. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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