A Complete Review On VirtualShield VPN

VirtualShield is a VPN provider for desktop or mobile platforms. While it seems like a decent service, it hides some pieces of information and charges a high price for some amazing features. The VPN is US-based and provides the fastest speeds. This multi-platform solution will allow you to prevent data on all your mobile devices and anonymously browse the web without limitation. The service offers various subscription plans and add-ons for both business or personal use.



The VPN VirtualShield is best for casual users or beginners, but if you are wondering for an advanced VPN, you must look elsewhere.

Using this VPN, there are no limits to bandwidth. You can also use it to bypass geo-restrictions and easily access online services, content, and websites that are unavailable from your location. You can also stream various services, but the basic plan is not enough to enable you to use Netflix, for instance. For that, you should buy the “unrestricted streaming” add-on.

VirtualShield offers an amazing feature known as the Application Guard, which enables you to terminate the particular apps of your choice whenever you lose your internet connection with a VPN. In that way, you prevent these apps from leaking any of your confidential data. While this feature provides some level of protection, a regular killswitch also effective in protecting your data as it automatically disconnects you from the network when your VPN connection drops.

Small Network Size

VirtualShield VPN servers present in 10 countries. These servers are available in Canada, the US, Germany, India, France, the Netherlands, Japan, UK, Australia, and Singapore. The spread of countries means that some users outside of the Middle East, South America, and Africa should have a nearby server available for use.


You can’t start torrenting on VirtualShield’s VPN. Also, the add-on streaming package is available for an additional $9.99 a month. It also provides “Unrestricted streaming” to services such as Netflix, however, with a few servers it’s possible that this service can stop working perfectly at any point.

Security & Privacy

vpn security

VirtualShield VPN uses 256-bit AES to encrypt the Wifi connection between the VPN server or your device. Unfortunately, not all VPN protocols used are disclosed, the available choices are “TCP”, “UDP, and “L2TP”. TCP or UDP is connection types but they are not VPN protocols, it is still not clear what VPN protocol you used for these two settings. L2TP is a very weak VPN protocol, that shouldn’t be used. In this situation, however, it might be the better choice than the unknown security of the UDP and TCP options.

Bother UDP and TCP services are locked into using a single port each, 110, or 1194 respectively. It means that when these ports are blocked on the network where you’re connected to, these connection types can’t work for you. Hopefully, you can at least select between 3 options, so there’s a chance that not all the given possibilities are blocked. It becomes better however to enable a broader range of ports.

The UDP port 1194 is linked with the OpenVPN protocol. On the other hand, TCP port 110 is linked with the email protocol POP3.

VirtualShield VPN claims that it can’t log any browsing activity data or connection like IP addresses, websites accessed, or timestamps. Rather than a US-based company and therefore open to legitimate demands for data from the US government.

Platforms & Price

VirtualShield just offers paid plans that begin from $4.99 a month for a 2-year plan. Also, a 30-day free trial is also added in all new purchases that provide access to all amazing features except those provided by paid add-ons.

Apps are also available on Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android. Browser extensions are also available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Paid Add-Ons

VirtualShield offers lots of paid add-ons for its service. The cost of Protection plus is $12.99. The cost of the “Unrestricted Streaming” add-on is $9.99 a month.

The Premium Phone can support add-on costs $14.99 a month and provides easy access to a live phone help service. Also, monthly maintenance costs $5.99 a month. Also, it provides a VirtualShield’s “certified security experts review your account monthly to ensure complete protection”.

The last two add-ons are Plus or Webcam Privacy Basic. They both cost $49.99 a year and $79.99 a year. The basic plan can “block your webcam, microphone, securely delete files and history”. The plus plan can also do the same and includes “trash deletion or file shredding”.

No other traditional features are available, like ad-blocking, dedicated IP addresses, or a double VPN service.

VirtualShield VPN Pros & Cons


  • Servers – The total number of locations is definitely not small i.e 27 in countries. But they are quite lower than other VPNs. Also, the total number of servers is also very low. Well, its quite normal for now, as VirtualShield is a small VPN provider with some users.
  • Torrenting not allowed, but Netflix works well – It seems like VirtualShield has done a brilliant job when it comes to modifying your geo-location. However, they don’t allow torrenting. As this VPN is located in the US, where the torrenting of the copyrighted material is totally illegal.
  • Available on all platforms – Just like lots of other VPNs, VirtualShield is also available on all big platforms. Such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. It also offers browsers extensions, including one for Opera.
  • Too expensive for what they offer – They have lots of plans, but in short, they are too expensive for what they offer. Especially when you merged with all the features that they offer.

VirtualShield is a small and the latest VPN provider, so all you have is to accept that some things they are just not able to do. It’s the best VPN, but it can do with basic improvements in structure, technology, and pricing.  For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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