A Complete Review On WPS [WiFi Protected Setup]

Do you want to know about WPS? If yes, then stay with us. Those who set up or uses a wireless router have come across it, whether you knew about it or not. The wireless router was introduced by the WiFi Alliance. Also, it was designed with the aim to help those who don’t get the technology. It’s not difficult to understand how it works and how to use it.

Before WPS came with creating a wireless network name may become a problem for many as it had to be done manually. If you wnat to create a wireless network. Then you have a better understanding of the WiFi device and the configuration modifications.

What do you know about WiFi Protected Setup?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. The major goal of WPS is to make a connection between a router or wireless device easier. The WiFi Protected Setup technology only works with wireless networks that need a password and can be encrypted with the security protocols WPA2 or WPA Personal. Remember that WPS can’t work if the wireless networks use the security protocol WEP security.

It can be made to understand the process of connecting your devices easily to a wireless network. Using WiFi Protected Setup, you can avoid the process to connect successfully to a network and then having to input the password. Also, it makes everything simpler or easier. As it will set up or use a wireless network using an SSID and a secure WPA data authentication or encryption.

Working Of WPS:

Come let’s take a look at how it works:

WiFi Protected Setup wps

All you need is to hit the WPS button that is located at the back of your router. On some routers, the button will be located near the Ethernet ports. Take the device you like to connect to the network. Then push the WPS button. Your device will automatically connect to the network without entering any details or information.

If you use WPS to connect to a network, you don’t need to repeat the process without having pushed the WPS button again. Your device can’t have an issue remembering the important data to connect to the network.

After using WiFi Protected Setup, make sure there won’t always be a button to hit. Some devices that support WiFi Protected Setup but won’t have the button. In these situations, you want to input an 8-digit code that you can found on the WPS configuration page. However, the code that can automatically be created and can’t be modified by the user.

On some routers, WiFi Protected Setup will be turned on automatically. But there are some that require that you enable it after using the router firmware and the user interface administration.

Some variants might even have one button to enable or disable WPS. If this is the type of version you have, by quickly hitting the button you’ll only enable or disable the device. But if you long hit it for a few seconds, it will enable WPS. With WPS, you don’t need to worry about anyone guessing the security key or passphrase as it’s not the user that creates it.


WiFi Protected Setup has its own benefits, it still requires time to improve when it comes to privacy or security. Hopefully, you like this article. What are your suggestions on WPS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Waiting for your valuable feedback!

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