Android 10 Update For LG G8: Features, Improvement, & More

In this article, you’ll learn about the android 10 update for LG G8. Check all the security updates launched for the LG G8 mobiles in the US here. Also, we’ll discuss the Android 10 update for LG G8, its launch date, and the download links if they are available. Whether you have got the LG G8 version at Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T, we have covered the new updates to launch for each of these versions in a separate timeline table.

Android 10 Update For LG G8


  • Launched for Global (G820N20c), Sprint (G820U20d), Verizon G8
  • Stable build released globally or South Korea
  • Other variants may get in Q1 2020

The LG G8 ThinQ has already initiated getting updates to Android 10. The company has done quite well to polish its betas after launching a stable package. The stable variant was first rolled out in Korea. It is then followed by European regions. However, the US users are now getting the update through major carriers in the region.

What Is New In Android 10 For LG G8?

LG doesn’t mix up things around too much, so, we should view almost all Android 10’s standout features included in the package. If offers improved Gestures Navigation, system-wide dark theme, good Sharing Menu, Live Caption, better Permissions management, Notification Bubbles, Accent Colors and Themes, and much more — ready for the best transition.

Rather than that, LG is adding lots of new features in its own custom skin that tops the Android 10 build from Google.

Software Update Timeline

Here is the timeline of all software updates for the LG G8:

Global LG G8

Release date Software version — Changelog
01 Dec 2019 G820N20c — Stable Android 10, Nov 2019 security patch


Release date Software version — Changelog
13 Feb 2020 G820UM20i — Installs Android 10, Dec 2019 security patch
26 Sep 2019 G820UM10n — Sep 2019 security patch
27 Aug 2019 G820UM10m — July 2019 security patch
20 Jun 2019 G820UM10i — May & June security patches
18 Apr 2019 G820UM10i — April 2019 security patch. It can also add support for Air Motion, Hand ID, Ring distortion fix, and improvements to Face ID

Sprint LG G8

Release date Software version — Changelog
10 Jan 2020 G820U20d — Android 10, Dec 2019 security patch
15 Apr 2019 G820U10i — April 2019 security patch, bug fixes, and performance improvements

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T-Mobile LG G8

Release date Software version — Changelog
22 Feb 2020 G820TM20d — Android 10 update released!
23 Jan 2020 NA — Jan 2020 security patch
07 Nov 2019 G820TM10p — Oct 2019 security patch
28 Sep 2019 G820TM10o — Sep 2019 security patch
06 Aug 2019 G820TM10n — July 2019 security patch
12 Apr 2019 G820TM10i — Pre-installed

Verizon LG G8

Release date Software version — Changelog
16 Mar 2020 G820UM20b — Feb 2020 security patch
20 Jan 2020 G820UM20a — Dec 2019 security patch
04 Oct 2019 G820UM10g — Sep 2019 security patch
26 Jul 2019 G820UM10e — May & July 2019 security patch
24 Apr 2019 G820UM10d — April 2019 security patch, compatible for Air Motion and Hand ID features, and much more

Unlocked LG G8

Release date Software version — Changelog
01 Feb 2020 G820QM20a— Stable Android 10


Here’s all about the ‘Android 10 update for LG G8’. What are your views about LG G8 Android 10 update? Let us know your thoughts and suggestion below!

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