AnyTrans Review: All You Need To Know

AnyTrans from iMobie might be the best option to iTunes when it comes to managing content on your iOS devices. Well, to call it an “alternative” is doing an injustice to the software. It’s much simpler, faster, or better than iTunes in every way you can think of.

AnyTrans provides a user-friendly interface and works quite similar to iTunes (copy, transfer, sync, etc.). However, it adds lots of features. It includes a powerful file manager, app manager, iCloud data explorer, and easily transfer files between your iPhone and PC and between two connected iDevices.

What Is AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is like a piece of software; that we use for PC and Mac as an “iTunes alternative.” Its reality is that it offers largely the same functionality just like Apple’s iTunes software does.


Else, AnyTrans comes with some amazing features. File management or app is the best one. You can also customize your iPhone home screen from your computer. You can do lots of necessary things such as exploring iCloud contents, setting custom ringtone, download music/videos directly to your iPhone, move videos/photos to PC/iCloud, etc. In iTunes, things might seem difficult for you. But, In AnyTrans, everything is so convenient or easy.

Is It Is Safe to Use?

It is totally safe to use from a malware or virus standpoint. However, the installer file installs the latest model of AnyTrans from the iMobie site and directly installs it. Also, it ensures that you have the new and most secure variant of the software.

Both the installed program or installer file scans from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Microsoft Security Essentials and without any problem. The only trick that you probably find yourself with an issue is when using the File Manager, a feature we’ll mention here in more detail later. Because it lets you access hidden system-level files, it’s possible that you might remove something you shouldn’t.

As long as you’re careful to only remove files you know and installed yourself. Then you shouldn’t have any issues using the software safely.

iTunes Alternatives -> iMobie AnyTrans

Design, UI, & UX

Let’s first start with the interface. Apple has continuously made changes to the interface on iTunes to make it minimalistic, simpler, and easier to use.

Using any software, the design is very important. And when we prefer the design, we mean how it works as well as how it looks. However, the UI is the part that a user will actually interact with – is clean and simple as we mentioned above. So, it makes it very easy to sync, to move files between devices, to manage backups/apps or data, etc. The thumb rule is to make things simple or easy to find.

It ensures that all users, experts/novices can find what they want instantly and can learn or understand what’s going on. The UI can’t interfere with software usage. It means that you can dive right in, start tapping, and start getting access to functionality without any sort of platform learning curve.


AnyTrans Review

AnyTrans works quite similar to iTunes in terms of allowing you to sync data from your PC to the iPhone (and vice versa). But it totally changes the way you do it. AnyTrans let you manually add music files, or any other sort of media files to your iOS devices.

However, it gets rid of the unwanted “library” concept (although you can still use it). It also secures redundancy and constant re-sync just to copy files to your iOS device. In that sense, it considers your devices as a physical drive but works smoothly when sync.

Adding photos/videos or music (as individual files or as playlists) couldn’t get easier than this.

The interesting thing is that if you like to move media between two iOS devices, AnyTrans will do that too. It’s made more straightforward after letting one iOS device to communicate directly to another device via AnyTrans.

App & File Management

Another interesting feature of AnyTrans is iFile to wipe out the cache as the built-in app manager. Not just you can search for details about apps installed on your iDevice, but also you can browse through the file system. There are some good-quality file managers for the iPhone like iFunbox or Explorer. But it can count itself among them.

AnyTrans will allow you to use your devices as a storage device. You can also carry files on your iPhone, but of course, you want another file explorer to access them elsewhere.

You can simply browse through the file system on the iPhone or iPad. Or else, you can inspect installed apps on the connected device and check details about them. In short, we can say that AnyTrans is like a contender for the heavyweight belt. It also provides gives you access to the ability to access files on your iCloud backups through the iCloud Manager section.


The basic functionality is its power that it can handle transferring or synchronizing data in a doddle. That is likely what many of us tried to use iTunes for. With AnyTrans, its platform is implemented in a manner that is easier to manage, cleaner, and very user-friendly than the way iTunes handles it.

AnyTrans also provides an easy-to-use interface for moving your images over from an iPhone or iPad to a PC and vice versa. Whether those photos are saved in local storage or iCloud Drive, AnyTrans makes the whole process very simple or easy.



One of the amazing things about an iDevice backup on iTunes is that you can never find out what’s saved in the backup through iTunes. Sure, it has all your photos, text messages, emails, contacts, Safari data, also app data but you can’t tell, and you can’t look through it.

So, here is the software like AnyTrans comes into play. AnyTrans will allow you not just to manage backups (restore, make, etc.) but you can also check what is saved in the backups easily.

You can also access different backup parts just so that you can grab the Notes, text messages, or app-related files, etc. Using this feature, you can easily take backup some text messages or apps to the iPhone. Selective backup recovery is something that you get only with an application like AnyTrans or iBackupBot.

iCloud Explorer

AnyTrans also offers iCloud Explorer. To start with, it’s a simple way to access the files on your iCloud backup. This is quite a different interface from the one you view on as here, you can easily sync selective folders or files on your iOS devices to iCloud backup directly.

iCloud Content Integration

iCloud Content tab makes it quite simpler to download or upload from your storage. Unfortunately, my older iPhone 4 is only executing iOS 7.7.1, and iCloud Drive needs iOS 8 to use. After you’ve successfully logged in, you view the same layout of shortcuts to what we saw on the Device Content tab.

As it goes through the file transfer process, but due to file limitation you can’t view it properly.


If you want the software to manage your iOS devices then iMobie AnyTrans can be the best option for you. I don’t have any issues recommending it. In fact, It is one of the best iPhone managers I have ever used. Also, it is one of the best iTunes alternatives too. By the way, If you want a much cheaper alternative, then choose IOTransfer.

We can’t deny the fact that AnyTrans is a stunning software product. Its cost is $39.99 with an upgraded license that is pretty much limitless will cost you an additional $20.00 at $59.99. Also, it provides a free trial section. You can also find many details on download info, pricing, etc.

So in short, AnyTrans is the software that can smoothly replace iTunes if you initiate working with it. If you want to share anything about AnyTrans then let us know below!

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