Asus tablet not turning on

Asus tablet not turning on

Asus tablets have been really popular among users since the time they were launched. With each model coming with striking and new features catching the attention of consumers. The user of Asus Transformer Pad tablet usually faces the issues where the device won’t turn on. Asus tablet not turning on? If you are facing the usual issue then follow the steps mention below.

Charge the device:

Firstly, it may appear easy, make sure that the Transformer Pad is charged completely. If you just bought the device, then charged it for at least eight hours before it is turned on for the first time. Use a wall adapter to charge the device instead of your computer as charging via USB which can take a much longer time.

Pressing the Power button:

Make sure that you are holding the “Power” button to turn on. Pressing the “Power” button once will not turn it on.

More tips:

If battery power is abundant and you are doing everything accurately, try the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Press and hold the “Power” button after pressing and holding “Volume Down”.
  2.  As long as screen power is on,  continue to hold the button. Once, you see the image then stop holding the button.
  3.  Tap the ” Volume Up” button. The device will normally power on.You can contact the Asus if the above-mentioned steps don’t work. The device needs reapearance so you should send it back to the company.

Asus tablet not turning on-Conclusion:

We have discussed in this article some remedies to turn on your Asus tablets if you are facing the usual issue of them not working. We explained how they should be charged properly after being bought and the power button should be turned on. If you tried all this and it is still of no use then we have explained some steps you can follow to make your Asus tablet work. I hope this article was helpful to you.
If you still have queries left you can ask us in the comment section below. We will try our level best to resolve them. Thank you.

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