Tutorial on How to Transfer Movies From PC to iPad Easily

Transfer Movies to iPad

Ignore the Sync. It is woeful if all you are really seeing to do is copy some video files to your iPad so you can watch or view them later. As you all know that during a commute or just sometimes when you desire to watch a movie on the iPad. Further, in this post, you will get the solution

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How to Fix the iPhone or iPad Error “Cannot Get Mail”

Cannot Get Mail

Even-if your mail id is personal or professional, that you usually check it in a day. Apart from its persistent attacks on messaging apps like WhatsApp and all other apps, email has never lost its glamour and importance. Similarly, for the necessary communication, people mostly favor this mail app over other apps. Thus in this post, we are going to

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No Sound on iPhone: How to Fix this issue?

No Sound on iPhone

We have all faced some mysterious problems on the iPhone at some point or the other. And especially their includes that (No Sound on iPhone)“iPhone sound not working” issue is one of the most common problems that many of the people have encountered. Similarly, the reason is that’s why it looks like a bit complex thing is that the issue

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How to Fix Apple TV Won’t Turn ON? Tutorial Guide

Apple TV Won't Turn On

New Apple TV is definitely the best of the lot. Showing off the numerous good-looking features like universal search, redesigned remote, apps, and Siri, the TV has been able to please its users in its recent avatar, hasn’t it? A few days ago my Apple TV immediately stopped responding at all. So I tried a lot but it didn’t turn

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Tutorial Guide: Way to Fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Waiting

Apps Stuck on Waiting

You may have faced a mysterious issue whenever you try to update or install the iOS app from the App Store. The App icon is greyed out and it starting displaying the “Waiting”; forever. So now there can be numerous causes that’s why the app is not able to download. But luckily, to fix this problem there are methods. Thus

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Tutorial: How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone and iPad

Documents and Data on iPhone

“Documents and Data” is a perplexing part of your iPhone storage that turns out to be a bother when you run out of space. It takes up the essential storage, and you may be even unaware of that what it is for! So, in this guide, we are going to learn more about it and look at ways to Delete

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Does WhatsApp show my phone number?

WhatsApp show phone number

Here we can say in answer, no. WhatsApp is not able to provide you a new phone number, nor it is able to hide it from you, your contacts. Hence most people ask this that does WhatsApp show phone number. However, the app is simply linking to your existing phone number. So the WhatsApp’s every copy is bound only to

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How do you Turn Text into Link in Microsoft Office

How do you Turn Text into Link

Adding links to text is able to give access to websites and email addresses directly from your document. Similarly, there are methods to insert a link into your document. It just depends on how you want the link to appear. Anyhow, you are able to use the word’s automatic link formatting or turn text into a link. By default, whenever,

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