HyperTerminal: 4 HyperTerminal Alternatives for Windows


However, the HyperTerminal was an exceedingly advantageous pre-installed Windows tool just included before Windows 7. A darling of power utilizers with hundreds of uses, these days it’s miserably gone. Though it’s no longer part of Microsoft’s vision for their OS. The issue is just that the plenty of guides, resolves & advice you guys would find on the internet probably

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Way to Resolve when Windows Won’t Shut Down

Windows Won't Shut Down

Whether you guys have a problem on your PC, your Windows PC should shut down with the tap of an option. Whether Windows won’t shut down in spite of repeated attempts, so then there is probably a problematic element on your device. Occasionally it’s a bit tricky in order to find out exactly what’s causing the Windows shut down problem

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In Windows 10 Screensaver Not Working _ Fix

Screensaver Not Working

A screensaver is presumed to appear just after a predefined time has passed. Whether you guys still do not see the Windows 10 screensaver even after waiting for that time period.  However, there probably be a problem with your screensaver settings & you guys will just have to fix it for it to work. In this guide you will learn

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Way To Fix The Issue Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel

Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel

However, when you guys are working on an Excel spreadsheet, the perfect way to move b/w cells is to use the arrow keys on your keyboard. However, with these keys that are available for each direction, you are also able to easily go from one cell to another with a single key-press. In this guide, you will learn the way

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Way to Organize a Windows XP Virtual Machine for Free

Windows XP Virtual Machine

If it is for nostalgia or in order to run old software, there are advantages in order to run a Windows XP machine just for the right reasons. Clearly, it is not suggested just to run Windows XP as your only operating system, as it’s outdated, unsupported, and loaded with security risks. In this guide, you will learn the way

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Tips and Tricks to Record Audio On Windows 10

record audio on windows 10

Whether you are pondering how to record audio on Windows 10. However, you guys will also be happy to hear that there is a number of methods available. If you have to record your voice quickly, simply record the desktop audio from your PC. Or make a professional quality voice recording, you guys are also able to get the task

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How To Fix The Issue Windows Store Won’t Open

Windows Store Won’t Open

However, the Windows Store, now otherwise called the Microsoft Store is just the official digital storefront that is included with Windows 10 by default.  You are also able to find apps, software, professional & personal devices, resources, & games in order to download & use on your Windows device. In this guide, you will learn the way to Fix The

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Tips and Tricks to Troubleshoot (WiFi Wireless) Printers


Well, Guys! Just a few things are too frustrating than when you guys like to print a document. And your wireless printer is in an error state or provides you the silent treatment. Probably you guys have tried simply to connect your WiFi printer to the network in your home. But the issues persist, just leaving your printer stubbornly off

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Fix: System Service Exception Stop Code in Window 10

System Service Exception

Whilst unusual Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors still occur in Windows 10. Except for the wall of blue text that previous Windows versions displayed when a system crashed, Current Windows BSODs are simpler & easier to troubleshoot. One usual BSOD error that still takes place is a System Service Exception in Windows 10. Fix: System Service Exception Stop Code

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