What you have to do When Your Second Monitor is Not Detected

Second Monitor is Not Detected

Second monitors provide an easy & suitable way to better productivity or produce your gaming encounter. Not just that, but it also provides you a larger canvas that performs as an additional workspace for general agrregating. Today’s topic of this guide is “What you have to do When Your Second Monitor is Not Detected”. However, Connecting your second PC monitor

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Way to Delete Files Protected by TrustedInstaller in Windows

Files Protected by TrustedInstaller

 Did you know that too many files in Windows are not essential to you, even whether you guys are the Administrator? However, they are instead owned by an entity/set-up which is known as the “Trusted Installer”. Such an amazing-sounding name eh! In this guide, you guys will learn the way to Delete Files Protected by TrustedInstaller in Windows. Way to

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What is WMI Provider Host & (Is It Safe or Not): Guide

WMI Provider Host

Well, Guys! The Processes just like the WMI Provider Host are not familiar to most Windows users. But that does not mean that they’re not essential to the operating system. In this case, & just like other critical methods just like the csrss.exe, the WMI Provider Host should not be something you must have to think about except it causes

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Fix: ‘RPC Server is Unavailable’ Error in Windows

However, those of you guys who have been using Windows for subsequently probably have already bore witness to the “RPC Server is Unavailable” error. This is a too common error which you guys can run into whilst using the Windows OS & often causes confusion to more inexpert Windows users as to why it appeared in the first place. You

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How to Fix the issue USB Drive is Not Showing Up

USB Drive is Not Showing Up

USB is a comprehensively adopted technology that permits us to plug many devices into our PCs every day. Although it is pretty straightforward to set up, occasionally it’s not all plug & play. What do you guys do when your USB drive is not showing up? Well, this can be caused by lots of different things just like a damaged

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How to Fix if Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

Well, Guys! Windows Explorer is the most essential element of your system. And whether Windows Explorer keeps crashing, so then you will have difficulties just accessing files & as well as folders on your PC. Whilst occasional crashes probably not be too much of a problem for you. But whether Windows Explorer keeps crashing too often, so is an issue

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Way to Fix the Error “DNS Server Unavailable”

"DNS Server Unavailable"

Well, The Domain Name System (DNS) server is where each and every of the domain names for the sites you have visited is saved. However, when you search a domain name in a web browser, so at that time it is forwarded by your router to a DNS server. Whether the specific site’s domain name also has been stored. However,

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Resolve the Issue: SSD Not Showing Up: Guide

SSD Not Showing Up

The SSD drives are steadily replacing the ancient & traditional HDDs and most new PCs now utilize this new type of drive. Though, these are not without problems. One of the problems that you guys could face whilst use these drives is your SSD not showing up on your PC. Whether that ever takes place, so then you will also

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Resolve the issue: uTorrent Stuck on Connecting to Peers

How to Fix uTorrent Stuck on Connecting to Peers

The most frustrating issue in order to plague uTorrent users is a problem with connectivity. Occasionally, clients just like the uTorrent get stuck on the “connecting to peers” error, though where the BitTorrent client unable to connect to other BitTorrent users. A uTorrent is not connecting to peers error just means that a user is unable to begin downloading a

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How to Fix Taskbar Not Working in Windows 10

Taskbar Not Working

Well, Guys! The taskbar not working in Windows 10 is one of the common problems that you guys can encounter whilst use your Windows PC. When it takes place, you will find that your taskbar just prevents answering your actions. Occasionally it probably gets frozen as well & then you won’t even be able to bring your cursor there. Whether

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