Play MKV On An iPad: To Watch MKV Video From Files App

Play MKV On An iPad

If you Want to play MKV on an iPad that can store it in the Files app on an iPad? In this case, if You can also do that easily once you learn. So, that this can also make it very simple in order to keep locally stored MKV movies on iPad. This is within the Files app to be

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Ways To Update iPhone Driver On Windows 10

iPhone Driver On Windows 10

In case, if your iPhone is not being detected by Windows then you have to update iPhone Driver On Windows 10. Here are some ways! It is also possible that you are also trying in order to access an iPhone or iPad. This is for transferring photos to the PC or you have to sync with iTunes and music on

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Ways To Fix Unresponsive iOS 10 Touch Screen Not Working

iOS 10 Touch Screen

Most of the time iOS 10 Touch Screen not working and the screen becomes unresponsive. The owners of an iPhone X may also discover it. So, that their screen is unresponsive seemingly at random. Then it can also swipe and then taps this on the screen. This can either and not register this at all. Then they have a severe

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What Is Pages And How To Open a .Pages File In Word?

What Is Pages

So, What Is Pages? Do You have any ideas about this? These Pages app is available in the Mac word processor that is similar to Microsoft Word. This is on the Windows side of things, and then by default any Pages document. So, that it can also save this as a Pages format file within a “.pages” file extension. This

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How To Fix If Time Machine Stuck On Preparing Backup_ Mac

Time Machine Stuck

The Time Machine is by far the simplest way to keep regular and reliable backups but most of the time Time Machine Stuck. This can usually get the automatic backup that can also start and then finish without any incident. Also, some rare occasions though that the Time Machine may get stuck on the “Preparing Backup”. In this stage, this

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iPhone Keeps Closing Apps: To Fix Crashing Apps on iPhone

iPhone Keeps Closing Apps

Most of the users complain that iPhone Keeps Closing Apps. If you are also facing this issue then here are some of the fixes. By using iPhone and iPad apps that can generally get it very stable. Most of the time if you will also encounter an application that can also crash at random. So, in iOS, there is also

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How To Fix If MacBook Click Not Working With Mouse?

MacBook Click Not Working

Here are some of the fixes that will help you to fix the issue of MacBook Click Not Working. So, let’s have a look at this article! From the most of our computing activities also require the usage of a mouse click or trackpad click. This is also understandably annoying. In this case, if this can suddenly get if you

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What Is pbcopy And pbpaste? How To Manipulate It?


So, What Is pbcopy & pbpaste? Everyone is familiar with Copy and Paste. Also, know that they are absolute necessities that are virtual. This is also virtual for all computer users. In this case, if you find yourself working that is in the command line frequently. Then you will also want in order to know that how to manipulate the

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Safari Web Content: How To Fix If Safari “Not Responding” Mac

Safari Web Content

Most of the Safari Web Content is on Not responding state. So, here are some of the fixes that will help you to fix these safari issues. The Mac Safari users may also occasionally experience an issue where the web browser becomes unresponsive. This is for an extended period of time so that it can usually be accompanied just by

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