What is Pixel 3a? Is Google Pixel 3a Waterproof or not?

Pixel 3a Waterproof

This is the best smart mobile that is affordable for almost everyone. Also, the Pixel 3a waterproof and the Pixel 3a XL are the best. Now The hype has been real and the leaks did not make it any easier. So that it looks like both the Pixel phones have reassembled harder. Then their reputation has been established as fairly

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To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S9 Won’t Connect To Bluetooth

Galaxy S9 Won't Connect To Bluetooth

Most of the time, The Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t connect to Bluetooth. This article is a guideline about how to fix the galaxy Bluetooth issue. A few years ago, in 2016 when Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Then it seemed like the most absurd idea. But they have had since the Apple III. Although the backward

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What are the Best Price Tracker Tool And Coupon Websites?

Price Tracker Tool

  With the help of the price tracker tool, you can track the price of the product. Now for as long as the human race exists, we will trade it. So while the mediums through which we trade have changed. Now in our love for bargaining and finding the lowest price for a product. In the 21st-century shopper, we simply

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Ways To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues

S8 Bluetooth issues

The Samsung mobile phone is one of the best mobile-phone nowadays. But Samsung galaxy s8 Bluetooth issues are increasing rapidly. Nowadays in the mobile world has made peace with the fact that the headphone jack will go away. So you can push for Bluetooth music capabilities is harder than ever. Samsung also released the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the forefront

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iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID: To Fix Password Issue?

iPhone Keeps Asking for Apple ID

When you update your iPhone and restore your device then they continuously ask for the Apple ID password. In most cases, it is failed. Due to this, they cannot download it. So, that they aren’t directly visible on the home screen. Many of the times there is a problem with your account settings. You can see either in iCloud, iMessage,

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How To Fix if iPhone Microphone Not Working

iPhone Microphone Not Working

If your iPhone microphone not working you can fix it by using the below guidelines. It is one of the most critical elements of your mobile. Because the calls, video recordings, audio notes, and various apps depend on it. Although, if the iPhone mics do not work correctly. Then you will have a wipeout experience as FaceTime calls will be

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Ways to get the Unread Badge on Samsung Galaxy

get the Unread Badge on Samsung Galaxy

In this article, you will learn how to get the unread badge on Samsung galaxy devices. The Android may be a trademark owned by Google. It is just that it is an open-source platform that makes it the largest contender in the mobile market today. If you face the pure Android experience has its upsides then the customized flavor of

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Face Unlock: How to Fix if it is not Working?

Face unlock

The face unlocks feature is one of the best features. It helps you to protect your data. If you set the face to unlock no one else can open with you. Before some time the fingerprint scanners can very popular. But now the fingerprint scanner is very low in the market. Then after some time face unlocks feature has been

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Ways To Fix It If Your Phone Not Detecting Headphones

Phone Not Detecting Headphones

  This issue is common these days that your phone not detecting headphones. No one can claim that what is the actual reason for this issue. Sometimes Apple decided to do away with the headphone jack. Then the company reproduces. They said that the technology was just too old to be effectively useful. In all of the main Android powerhouses,

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