How Can You Fix iPhone & iPad Locked Screen?

iPad Locked Screen

In case, if your iPhone and iPad Locked Screen or frozen issue occur. Then you can also use the given Fixes for the iPhone and iPad.  Also, the iPhone has grown in popularity from its initial release, and then it has become the go-to tablet for many people. So, that it can occasionally in your iPad that may freeze or

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How To Factory Reset Asus Tablet _ Soft & Hard Reset

Factory Reset Asus Tablet

Here are some of the ways that will help you to Factory Reset Asus Tablet. This is one of the main advantages that the early version. Also, the mobile operating systems so that had over traditional desktop PCs that were the built-in features. So, it can also make it easier in order to troubleshoot everyday problems. In this case, if

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How To Insert And Remove Samsung S6 SIM Card?

Samsung S6 SIM Card

Here are some of the guidelines about how you can insert or remove the Samsung S6 SIM Card. This article is especially for the s6 & edge. So, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge and then there are very famous smartphones that can use this are by millions of people. In this case, mobile phones can still work and then

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Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Tab _To Take Screenshot

Screenshot On Samsung

Here are a lot of different ways through which you can take a Screenshot On the Samsung galaxy tab. So, let’s see different ways! In this case, if you can take a screenshot on your smartphone or tablet. Then this is your Android phone that can capture your screen content at that exact moment. So, that it can also come

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Acer Iconia Pinhole Reset :Ways To Soft & Hard Reset

Acer Iconia Pinhole Reset

It is also possible that you may need to perform a soft or hard reset on your Acer Iconia Pinhole Reset. Here are the guidelines! So, that you have to soft reset and then will simply restart the tablet without data loss. Then there is a hard reset so that it will also clear all of the data. In this

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How Can You Stop Spotify From Opening On Startup

Stop Spotify From Opening On Startup

You will learn how you will Stop Spotify From Opening On Startup. In order to prevent Spotify from starting if your computer boots. You can also disable the automatic startup. Also See: Ways To Add A Steam Library Folder _ Guide What is Spotify? So, Spotify is a place where you can enjoy any kind of music that you want. Then

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How To Fix Facebook Widget Disappeared _Error

Facebook Widget Disappeared

You can now fix it if your Facebook Widget Disappeared on the screen. Here is a complete guideline about the Facebook Widget Disappeared. Now, Facebook can also remove the Android widget feature after an update. Although, if there were some of the people who used the Facebook widget for Android. So, that you can also want in order to continue

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Ways To Transfer Photos Using iTunes From PC To iPhone

transfer photos using iTunes

You can now transfer photos using iTunes from Pc To iPhone. In order to view your photos on your iPhone or iPad. So, let’s have a look! Then you can use a cloud service so that you can store them and then you can also access them on your device. Although, what if you want your photos available that are

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iPad Sim Card: Ways to Insert or Remove SIM Card

iPad Sim Card

This tutorial is for those who have no idea about how to insert or remove the iPad sim card. So, You have To Read the Article Till End! Then all of the iPhones and iPads with the cells that have a slot on their sides. After that, the house is the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. So, it can also

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