My iPhone Keeps Restarting. How to Fix It?

iPhone Keeps Restarting

Sometimes your iPhone keeps restarting over and over again then the whole iOS experience seems to get stuck. But it happens sometimes. This process is not done so that it can feel the agony that you may be going through right now. In some of the random boot loop, it is time to look for the fixes to take control

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Solutions: if Facebook is not working on iPhone

Facebook is not working

Facebook loading and working is been pretty common issues on the iPhone. Most of the time Facebook is not working on the iPhone. Many of the users facing the problem reached out to us through different mediums and complained about it.  It is also possible that something can be successfully addressed. You will see in this article that, we bring

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To Fix Touch ID is Not Working on iPhone

Touch ID is Not Working

In iPhone sometimes the Touch ID is not working. When you enter the iPhone passcode or Apple ID is required when you unlock your iPhone. You can download apps, autofill details, or authenticate Apple Pay transactions. The Touch ID takes care of these things and makes the process effortless. Although, if you are experiencing issues with your Touch ID. Then

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How to Fix the Issue of iCloud Contacts Not Syncing

iCloud Contacts Not Syncing

By using your iPhone your iCloud Contacts can sync. But if your iCloud Contacts Not Syncing then you have to fix this issue. If you will see everything perfect then you have to configure it. If it is not working then do not sorrow over it. You can easily resolve this issue. Many people can Sync iPhone Contacts to iCloud

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iPhone: To Disable Trust This Computer Alert

Disable Trust This Computer

iPhone will allow you the ability to disable trust this computer alert. When you update your iDevice then you can first time to connect. If you want to get a Trust this computer message then you have to press Trust and the iPhone or iPad connects and charges. Some users will keep on receiving this message every time they connect

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Ways to Sync iBooks Between Mac and iPhone

Sync iBooks

In this article, you will learn how-to sync iBooks between Mac and iPhone. The most essential features of iBooks are that you can read anything. The amidst some new email correspondences between Jobs and News Corp. In this, we learn that Apple was specifically intent on making iBooks a complete product. It is not just for iOS but for the

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IOTransfer 2 Tool: iPhone Management Tool for Windows


IOTransfer 2 Tool is the Management Tool. This tool manages iPhone and iPad devices. Also, this app is only available for the windows. That app always appreciated iTunes for being a premium media player and the media library. Due to this, it has never impressed me as a mobile device management application. Fortunately, there are some a few well-designed iTunes

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