How to Fix the Issue of iCloud Contacts Not Syncing

iCloud Contacts Not Syncing

By using your iPhone your iCloud Contacts can sync. But if your iCloud Contacts Not Syncing then you have to fix this issue. If you will see everything perfect then you have to configure it. If it is not working then do not sorrow over it. You can easily resolve this issue. Many people can Sync iPhone Contacts to iCloud

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iPhone: To Disable Trust This Computer Alert

Disable Trust This Computer

iPhone will allow you the ability to disable trust this computer alert. When you update your iDevice then you can first time to connect. If you want to get a Trust this computer message then you have to press Trust and the iPhone or iPad connects and charges. Some users will keep on receiving this message every time they connect

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Ways to Sync iBooks Between Mac and iPhone

Sync iBooks

In this article, you will learn how-to sync iBooks between Mac and iPhone. The most essential features of iBooks are that you can read anything. The amidst some new email correspondences between Jobs and News Corp. In this, we learn that Apple was specifically intent on making iBooks a complete product. It is not just for iOS but for the

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IOTransfer 2 Tool: iPhone Management Tool for Windows


IOTransfer 2 Tool is the Management Tool. This tool manages iPhone and iPad devices. Also, this app is only available for the windows. That app always appreciated iTunes for being a premium media player and the media library. Due to this, it has never impressed me as a mobile device management application. Fortunately, there are some a few well-designed iTunes

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7 Solutions To Fix iPhone Activation Error

iPhone Activation Error

Sometimes the iPhone starts showing the iPhone activation error. But you will see the iPhone activation error in some of the rare cases. In that case, it will prevent you from finishing the setup. In the end, if you are left with an unusable device. Then you don’t have to worry as this is something that can be fixed easily.

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How to enable and disable developer mode on Android

  Enable and disable Developer Mode on the android device allow us to use the Android SDK feature. It also allows us to use development tools.  Every android device has a  developer mode option available in it.  This developer option is hidden somewhere in your android device. There are many Android features available and by enabling the developer mode you can

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How to create a Backup of your Android Device to PC

To create a backup of your android devices is very easy.  Android 4.0 and above version devices can be backed up by using the  Android SDK. It helps you to save your file on to your PC. The whole data which you backed up from your phone will also store into a backup file of your PC. How to create

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Way To Add Outlook Calendar to Your Android

The benefit of using and to add your Outlook calendar is that they can manage your appointments. You can also add  Outlook Calendar. They provide you the complete facility of managing your appointments. It also helps you to remember all the events. You can use this in different ways. Here are some of the ways to set up an Outlook

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