Avast Secure Browser Review and Features

Chrome is actually one of the most heavily used browsers around the globe. Nearly 65% of web users use Chrome as their default internet browser actually. No other web browser has this worldwide ubiquitous use. Due to that, it’s also the most targeted browser in the world by most hackers as well. We are going to discuss Avast Secure Browser Review and Features.

There are a lot of browsers released that promised to be a “more secure” browser than any other. Some examples include the Tor browser, DuckDuckGo, and many others than that.

Avast, well known for its trusted antivirus software app, basically offers its own secure browser. However, is it any good, and does it really give a secure browsing experience?

The company actually says the new browser designs along with three things in mind:

  • Improve surfing speeds
  • Provide privacy to users
  • Protect users from online threats

What Is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast Secure Browser was actually built by Avast on the Chromium platform. This means that using the Avast browser actually gives you access to your Chrome account, bookmarks, and many other browser-based access features related to your Chrome account.

Install The Avast Secure Browser

You can also download the Avast browser for either Windows or Mac, and there’s also a mobile version available for Android as well.

The browser is available at the link above as a free standalone application, However, it’s also comes included when folks purchase other Avast security products actually.  You’ll notice below that it basically comes with many free Avast products included, or available as a purchased add-on as well.

avast secure browser review

When the setup finishes, you can then keep all default settings through choosing Finish setup, or select Customize setup to fine-tune settings.

Setup preferences basically include:

  • Placing a shortcut on the desktop, taskbar, and start menu as well
  • That makes it the default browser
  • Default language
  • Import bookmarks, cookies, and also settings from your default browser
  • Open automatically when the computer starts
  • Check to see if Avast is the default browser on startup as well

You can also change the Import bookmarks and settings browser selection through typing secure://settings/importData into the URL field of the Avast secure browser actually.

Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, and also Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can also import bookmarks from an HTML file if you guys want to.

Use Avast Secure Browser | avast secure browser review

Well, using the Avast secure browser doesn’t really feel a whole lot different than using Chrome actually. This is unlike all other browsers that are based on the Chromium platform. However, provide a really different user interface and experience as well.

Avast bookmark placement, menu icon location, and also even the settings and menu systems all appear nearly identical to Chrome actually. The one difference is that you guys will notice the Security & Privacy Center icon appears by default near the addons menu.

If you open the Settings menu, you’ll then notice nearly each and everything there is identical to your Chrome browser settings as well. Unlike browsers such as Chromium-based Vivaldi where developers created their own customized settings menu. The Avast developers did not add a whole lot here actually.

The only major difference you may notice is that the Security & Privacy Center open item at the top of the menu.

Well, on the main browser window, you’ll notice a couple of features that include by default.

  • Avast Adblock:  Avast’s answer to the needs of users who actually hate ads. This Adblock feature supports third-party filters, custom filters, dynamic filtering rules, and also whitelists as well.
  • Hack Check: Uses Pwned Passwords technology and Avast’s stolen emails database in order to check the email addresses you use to potential password leaks.

The previous versions of the Avast secure browser had some default extensions that are also installed by default. The latest installation as of April 2020 has no additional extensions installed actually.

You can also confirm this after installation through typing secure://extensions/ into the URL field.

Avast Security and Privacy Center | avast secure browser review

It also appears that the only major build on top of the underlying Chromium platform is the security and privacy features actually. You can find these through choosing the Security & Privacy Center icon (green checkmark) at the upper right corner of the main window.

However, in the Security & Privacy Center, you’ll see a list of features (some turned on and others disabled by default). You will also see disabled features that you can only enable through installing free downloads actually.

If you want to see the complete list of seven extensions, you should go to secure://extensions/ (type this in the address line). Let’s see what you guys will find here:

  • Adblock – blocks all unwanted website adds.
  • Avast Passwords – allows selecting a strong password and save it safely.
  • Avast SecureLineVPN – it secures your internet connection; integrates along with the SecureLine VPN in the browser. Note that you need to have the appropriate VPN software on your PC in order to use the extension.
  • Bank Mode – toggle to a virtual desktop to secure access to online banking sites.
  • HTTPS Encryption – it makes websites use HTTPS encryption (note that this is possible with sites that have their SSL certificate only).
  • Privacy Cleaner – gives anti-tracking protection through clearing your browsing history.
  • Video Downloader – allows downloading videos to your device (from YouTube, such as).

Note that Avast Passwords and Avast Bank Mode are turned on by default. In order to use those, you need to have dedicated Avast security programs installed on your computer.


Also, Avast Secure Browser includes a few more features that are not even considered extensions:

avast secure browser review

  • Anti-Fingerprinting – won’t let anyone track you hiding real data about your browser actually.
  • Anti-Phishing – blocks suspicious websites and also dangerous downloads.
  • Extension Guard – will block untrusted browser extensions (that mostly arrive with big promotional websites).
  • Flash Blocker – allows blocking flash content that provides better speeds when using the browser.
  • Stealth Mode – makes sure no cookies get settled on your PC.

Hack Check and Adblock

Well, the two features that are the most useful in this browser are the hack check feature and adblocking actually.

Hack Check is actually a powerful tool that automatically shows a warning notification whenever you guys are logging into your accounts. However, the most interesting feature is the manual email search actually.

You can also type in any of your email addresses and get a full “leaked” report as well. It basically shows a list of sites where you’ve used that email before and if the password for those services was ever leaked or not.

avast secure browser review

The next step is to compare Avast Secure Browser to other popular browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and Internet Explorer as well.

First, you have to check our Avast Free antivirus review.

However, first, we would like to mention that Avast Secure Browser resembles Chrome in many ways. In fact, if you are a Chrome fan, then you will feel comfortable along with the new browser right away. But, there are some of the differences that are worth mentioning.

  • There are actually more privacy and security features available along with the Avast Secure Browser.
  • In our tests, Avast Secure Browser actually showed better results in terms of speeds. The difference between this browser, Chrome, and Mozilla is not really significant. However, it is still there. Internet Explorer loses the battle completely – it is too slow in comparison to other browsers or not.
  • Speeds of the browser loading rely on the pages’ connection speeds and their size. In general, Avast Secure Browser and Chrome demonstrated equal results as well.
  • Avast Secure Browser would not actually allow any adds or flash files. Hence, it would also load webpages quickly with high speeds. None of the competitors managed in order to demonstrate the same results. But, Chrome and Mozilla offer plugins in order to block ads and flash files.

How Fast Is Avast Secure Browser?

According to Avast, this browser is actually one of the fastest, particularly when ad-blocking and all other security features are turned on.

Well, in reality, Avast may be one of the slower browsers on the market. Conducting many browser tests using Speed Battle, Avast actually ran slightly slower than Chrome, Vivaldi, and Firefox.

These test results are not significantly different, that makes sense considering that Avast is built upon the same Chromium platform as well.

These results match the same tests performed by other reviewers across the web actually. If you guys are looking primarily for speed, then you probably wouldn’t go with Chrome or Avast. Firefox is the winner in terms of performance as well.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “avast secure browser review” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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