Best 2 Player iPad Games You Should Play

Are you guys bored in the office? Or perhaps you are also trying to pass the time when relaxing on vacation. Wherever you are and whatever you guys are doing, two-player mobile games are actually one of the best ways to while away your free time as well. So, with keeping that in mind, here are the best two-player mobile games that you can play on the same device, separate phones, or also over the internet as well. We are going to discuss the Best 2 Player iPad Games You Should Play.

Two-player games are really famous now, which is a wonderful virtual way in order to spend time with your best pal on your iOS devices. However, all two-player games are not equally handy and interesting and 2-players game for android users and iOS users are mostly different from each other to run on different platforms. But, the most interesting part of these 2-player games is its varieties actually.

Best 2 Player iPad Games You Should Play

Most of the iPhone games are basically meant for a single player, which is fine whenever you just want to kill a few minutes when you are waiting in line. However, most of the time you want a more significant gaming experience where you guys can take on your friends if they are at your house or in a different country actually. Fortunately, there are actually a number of great multiplayer games that you can guys get on your iPhone too.

8 Ball Pool

Well, along with over a million ratings on the App Store, this is actually one of the best two-player sports games for iPhone and Android as well. It’s highly competitive and also lets you play one-on-one along with friends or compete in almost eight-player tournaments.

2 player ipad games

You guys can build your skills in the practice arena and then win trophies, unique cues, and pool coins too. You can use the coins in order to buy new items from the Shop or also to enter exclusive matches along with higher stakes. Further, you can also customize your cue and table too.

If you guys ever run out of coins to play, you can select in order to pick up some coins from the in-game store in exchange for money actually. You guys can also use the coins to get cosmetic upgrades, power-ups, and much more. 8 Ball Pool is also available as a free title on the App Store, and also I highly recommend you check it out.

Price: Free of cost (In-app purchases starts from $0.99)

Download – 8 Ball Pool

Bowmasters | 2 player iPad games

Bowmasters is actually a turn-based game in that you and your opponent will take turns firing arrows at each other actually. You guys are actually standing across a stage at varying distances, and your objective is to accurately hit your enemy. Relying on the distance, you’ll also have to measure the power and angle of your shot in order to hit your opponent. I know it sounds just like a lot of work, however, trust me, you guys will get a hang of the controls in no time.

2 player ipad games

Well, much like its single-player mode, Bowmasters’ multiplayer mode is also a lot of fun. It is, however, also worth pointing out that the multiplayer mode is not accessible from the start actually. You’ll have to unlock it through getting 10 wins against the AI, which also doubles up as your training period too. The game basically offers both online and a local multiplayer mode too.

You can select to splurge on in-app purchases for both of the cosmetic and character upgrades. However, that’s entirely optional actually. You can easily collect the important amount of coins and gems through winning battles or watching video ads from time-to-time. Bowmasters is also available as a free-to-play game on the App Store. And it is indeed one of the best multiplayer games that you guys can add to your library this year.

Price: Absolutely Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

Download – Bowmasters

Clash Royale

This real-time multiplayer game basically comes from the creators of Clash of Clans. It features all of your favorite characters. That includes the Royales, Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons, and much more. You compete and win trophies through knocking the enemy king and princesses from their towers actually.

clash royale

Further, you can also create a clan in order to share cards and build your own battle community. Then, you can also challenge your friends to private online duels or play side-by-side in epic 2×2 battles. With more than a million ratings, this is one of the most famous two-player fighting games out there.

Price: Free of cost (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

Download – Clash Royale

Heads Up! | 2 player ipad games

If you are a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, then you will definitely recognize and love this card game actually. Well, you basically have to guess the word on the card before the timer runs out. From singing, naming celebrities or silly accents as well, it’s got to keep you entertained as well.

2 player ipad games

You can also play this fascinating with one friend or more than one hundred friends at one go. You can save the video of your gameplay in order to watch it later. Featuring up to 40 themed decks available, Heads Up is basically one of the best online two-player games that you can play.

Price: Free of cost (In-app purchases start from $1.99)

Download – Heads Up!

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is basically an incredibly fun dungeon crawler, reminiscent of games. Such as enter the Gungeon. Considering the simple controls and also repetitive cycle of the genre’s gameplay, roguelike games on mobile are the perfect package too.

2 player ipad games


Explore a dungeon, find and also collect weapons, and then shoot your way to a high score in this addictive game. It also features randomly generated worlds, that provide you a new experience each and every time you play.

At the same time, there are more than 120 weapons to try out and amazing heroes along with unique abilities. The auto-aim mechanism makes sure highly intuitive control that makes the gameplay easy and smooth as well.

Price: Free of cost (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

Download – Soul Knight


Well, most of these games are designed for short bouts of gameplay, Terraria is basically a multiplayer mobile game. That you guys can spend hours playing. It is actually a mobile port of the famous PC game and allows you to play along with friends via local Wi-Fi or through connecting to a PC-hosted dedicated mobile server.


You can fight for survival and earn fortune and glory as you make your way through this fascinating world actually. Also, you can also explore cavernous expanses, battle foes, and also even build your own city in this action-packed game too.

You guys can play with more than seven friends, and there are up to 300 enemies to fight, defeat, and plunder for loot. Further, there’s also a new Expert Mode that is basically designed to give fresh challenges for even the most seasoned players.

Price: $4.99

Download – Terraria


This trivia game actually stands out from the rest as you can post about your interests. Make your own quizzes, and also connect along with millions of like-minded users worldwide. It’s just like a social network combined along with a brain teaser game as well.

You guys can also challenge friends and many other players online on the topics that you are best at. Along the way, you guys will earn badges that prove your capabilities in areas like general knowledge, sports, and famous culture.

Price: Absolutely Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

Download – QuizUp

Dots and boxes

Should you want to indulge in some of the classy board games along with a lot of twists and turns. Look no further than “Dots and Boxes” actually. The game is all about clicking on the dots in order to draw lines and also closing squares. And also if you guys succeed in getting more squares than your rivals, then you guys will be the winner actually.

2 player ipad games

Well, based on your skill-set, then you can also choose from three difficulty levels. As each and every level is designed along with different challenges, then you will enjoy playing it solo or against your friend. Additionally, there is also an online multiplayer mode. In order to let you lock horns along with other players from all around the world.

The better you guys perform, the more profitable achievements you get. And along with every win, you guys get a chance to top the leaderboard to be the most decorated player actually. On top of all, the game also offers a really good collection of colorful themes in order to let you add some personal touch into the mix as well.

Price: Absolutely Free (Dots and Boxes Premium – $1.99)

Download – Dots and Boxes

Red Hands

So you guys think that you are lightning-fast and also have got better reflexes? You should try out this two-player fun game in order to find out where you stand in the battle of speed. When the game begins, one player is the attacker, and also the other is the defender. And if the latter chickens out three times, then it would be a perfect free hit actually.

So, the one which gets 10 points first will be declared the winner. You can also customize your hand type through choosing from multiple available options. As funny as it can ever get, you guys can even choose the huge Hulk’s hand or go for a tattooed one too.

Price: Free of cost (Remove Ads – $1.99)

Download – Red Hands


Well, all geared up to step into a legendary science-fiction game! Spaceteam is basically designed to be an engaging cooperative party game that you can along with 2 to 8 players. You get a random control panel that features switches, dials, and buttons in order to let you easily maneuver the gameplay.

As the ship is just about to fall apart, then you must coordinate with your team in order to save it. All of your teammates get instructions, and they have to instantly work on them before the time run-outs. Unless you guys work perfectly with your team, you won’t be able to crack it as well.

Price: Absolutely Free (Unlock All Upgrades – $2.99)

Download – Spaceteam


If you guys are looking for something a little different, Badland is basically a unique title with a great art-style. That the critics have praised as well. The aim of the game is basically to guide your blob through obstacles until you reach the end of the stage.


This is actually one of the best adventure games that support more than four players on one device. It’s set in a beautiful forest that’s full of interesting inhabitants actually. Players get to control one of the dwellers on a quest in order to discover and overcoming many imaginative traps and obstacles actually.

There are up to thirty levels in the multiplayer mode and more than a hundred for the single-player mode. The controls are really simple, however, the gameplay keeps getting more interesting as you progress as well.

Price: $0.99

Download – BADLAND


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “2 player iPad games” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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