Best iPad Or iPhone Cleaner Apps – Review

Are you looking for the best iPad or iPhone cleaner apps? We should clean up all the unnecessary files, cookies and cache should be cleaned up from time to time. Just to secure your device from being hijacked by junk data. If you are trying to stop the unwanted files from piling up, take the help of the clean iPhone cleaning apps.

Many times, it’s the truckload of copies photos, needless videos, and unwanted files that are found to be the main reason behind the mess. And if you stop them from being mounted after removing them on a frequent basis. Then you win the fight effortlessly. However, these iOS device cleaners do is that they allow you to record the usual suspects and get rid of them very easily, thereby no only keeping your mobile away from this culprit but also saving your time.

List Of iPad Or iPhone Cleaner Apps:

Read on to discover the best options and handpick the one that looks to be more capable to stand up to your demand. Come let’s take a look at some iPhone cleaner apps:

  • Cleaner Pro
  • Phone Cleaner By Saar Baruch
  • Slidebox
  • Remo Duplicate Photos Remover
  • Gemini Photos
  • Smart Cleaner
  • Clean Doctor
  • Phone Cleaner
  • Quick Heal Optimizer
  • Mobile Cleaner

Cleaner Pro

Cleaner Pro-iPhone Cleaner Apps

Should you want to manage your address book smoothly? Cleaner Pro is the best choice. You simply use it to search and combine duplicate contacts. Then instantly choose group contacts, and erase the ones you don’t like to keep anymore.

With the help of this, you can instantly search for the contacts you need. Also, you can back up your whole contacts and recover them as and whenever you want. Moreover, it allows you to export your backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, and also email.

Download: Cleaner Pro

Phone Cleaner By Saar Baruch

This one does a good job of allowing you to optimize the iPhone storage. You can also organize your media and eliminate the ones you don’t like to keep on your iOS device anymore. It allows you to sort your files by size. So that you can quickly find out the villains that are hogging too much space.

You can also use the advanced filter to check the duplicates and unnecessary pictures in the photo library and erase them very easily. Also, there is a web-cleaning mode to allow you to use your web browser easily.

Download: Phone Cleaner by saar baruch



You can instantly delete the unwanted images with a swipe and easily compare the same pics to track down the ones that are not required. The app provides support for GIF and also lets you mark photos as favorites.

It works with the iCloud Photo Library to ensure all of your photos stay secure in the cloud. Also, they are easily available to all other devices. It is totally free. So, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium model to unlock amazing features like the option to recover photos in the cloud.

Download: Slidebox

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Well, it’s another duplicate photos remover for iPhone or iPad. But the thing why I have added it to this list is that it offers you lots of command than many of the aforementioned apps. For example, you can instantly mark/unmark duplicate pictures in all the groups.

Also, you can check the resolution, size, and other details of your pictures so that it becomes simpler for you to take a final call on them. Also, it keeps the main copy secure in each group and also lets you preview pictures so that you can instantly search the ones you don’t like to keep any longer.

Download: Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos-iPhone Cleaner Apps

Get “Gemini Photos” to never allow the unnecessary pics to not only mess up your whole photo library but also hijack a lot of valuable storage on your iOS devices.

It’s a super handy tool that makes removing pics very easy. You can also instantly explore the pics that are useless and with just a click remove them all.

Thanks to the cloud integration, this app allows you to remove images not just from a specific device but also from whole devices. Also, Gemini Photos provides the best top-grade security so that your privacy remains secure.

Download: Gemini Photos

Smart Cleaner

Do you often search your photo library cluttered with useless images? Try out “Smart Cleaner” that enables you to get rid of duplicate screenshots or photos and with ease.

Track down the big videos and erase them all instantly. One amazing feature of this app is that it lets you ideally organize images by places.

Also, you can use it to take proper control of your address book. Combine all of your redundant contacts and recover your phone book.

Download: Smart Cleaner

Clean Doctor

Clean Doctor app

For keeping your contacts and photo library clutter-free, you can’t go wrong with “Clean Doctor.”

It monitors the large-sized images and videos. Hence, you can quickly catch culprits and add them to the trash.

But Clean Doctor is not about getting rid of the unwanted shots. You’ll then use this application to shoot out the redundancy and keep your address book clean. That’s not all, it also allows you to set up masked pictures to protect your privacy.

Download: Clean Doctor

Phone Cleaner

You can use this app to access all the large pictures and videos that consume lots of storage on your device and erase them.

Whether it’s the redundant photos or the ones you have imported from your PC. However, the app enables you to track down all the storage hogging media files. Thus, cleaning them out becomes a hassle-free task.

Also, you can upgrade to Phone Cleaner Pro ($4.99) to take benefit from lots of features such as the option to add infinite files to favorite.

Download: Phone Cleaner

Quick Heal Optimizer

Quick Heal Optimizer-iPhone Cleaner Apps

Just download this application to achieve the good performance of your iPhone. This app also optimizes the performance or speed of your device and display your iPhone’s health with beautiful colors such as orange, green, brown, and red.

The app eliminates the memory left unused in the background when the iPhone apps you are using regularly. Your device takes temporary files, and these files are cleaned by Quick Heal Optimizer.

Download: Quick Heal Optimizer

Mobile Cleaner

“Mobile Cleaner” is another iPhone storage cleaning tool. Similarly to some apps mentioned in this lineup, it works flawlessly and allows you to remove all the needless videos or photos. Another amazing feature of this app is that it lets you wipe your Contacts as well.

Rather than letting you remove the junk files, it also displays the information regarding the available or used memory. Also, Mobile Cleaner is spot on when it comes to allowing you to monitor Wifi connection.

Download: Mobile Cleaner


So, these were some of the best iPhone cleaner apps to free useless files. If you want to share any apps for our reader then let us know below. For further queries and questions let us know below!

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