Best iPhone 5 Clock Radio – You Should Know

Well, ever since Apple introduced the iPhone 5, things have never quite been the same in the dock-producing industry actually. The lightning dock, a huge shift from the 30-pin dock connector, has led to many new product ranges. With the opening of the iPhone 5, Apple moved towards a new dock system. We are going to discuss Best iPhone 5 Clock Radio – You Should Know. That is also compatible with the latest iPhone SE as well.

Well, using the alarm of your phone in order to wake up would be a convenient option. However, sleeping with your smartphone within the reach of your arm is not a good idea. Using the screen during the nighttime is not the best way in order to relax before having some shut-eye. Fortunately, you guys can resolve this issue easily with the help of some good quality iPhone alarm clock docks. This small unit can give you the option of waking up to the sounds of the favorite radio station rather than a bell or buzzer. This means you guys will feel much better in order to wake up without any distracting features in the morning actually.

Best iPhone 5 Clock Radio – You Should Know

iHome iPLWBT5B


  • In this dual alarm FM clock radio, there is actually a lightning Connector dock to play and charge iOS devices.
  • It comes along with an integrated Apple watch dock charger.
  • The Tones or Buzzer speakerphone functionalities comprise of the microphone, answer & end controls as well, and also digital voice echo cancellation,
  • With the6 preset station memories, you can wirelessly stream audio from Bluetooth-activated devices as well.


  • The apple charger and the iPhone docking station stopped working before even the one year warranty expired.
  • Poor product design overall as well.

iphone 5 clock radio

iHome’s iPLWBT5B is designed in order to juice up both your iPhone and Apple Watch. If you guys are willing to have a highly competent charger for both of the devices, this one can be an excellent contender actually. The dock delivers good sound quality so that you guys can enjoy streaming music wirelessly as well. It also has a built-in microphone in order to bolster your hands-free calling.

The FM stereo radio with six preset stations permits you to listen to your radio programs. Additionally, it also features dual alarms to help you remain in sync with your time as well.

USP: Charge iPhone and Apple Watch efficiently

iHome iPL23


  • There is also a flexible lightning connector that can play as well as charge any lightning-compatible iPhone/iPod models.
  • In this iHome clock dock, there is also a 1 Amp USB charging port for charging iPhone, iPad, iWatch, or any other USB devices too.
  • Implementation of the Auto Sync functionality instantly sets the clock to iPhone time.
  • Excellent sound output is guaranteed along with the Reson8 technology.
  • In the case of the original power supply blocks, there is also the facility of a built-in backup battery.


  • The lowest setting of brightness is still too bright actually.
  • Glitches with iPhone.

iHome’s iPL23 is basically one of the finest clock radio docks for iPhone 5, SE, and iPhone 5s as well. Equipped with advanced reason8 technology, the speaker actually delivers high-fidelity sound.

You can use it to charge your iPhone safely. There is also FM radio with 6 presets that let you catch up with all of your favorite programs.

The dual alarm makes sure you stay in sync with your time and never get late for your work. It also features a sleep timer that let you automatically turn off the speaker at a preset time. Furthermore, iPL23 comes in two colors such as black and white.

USP: Advanced reason8 technology



  • It comes with a dual charging system that permits users to charge 2 devices at the same time: USB & Wireless.
  • This dock has an enabled Bluetooth connection that you can connect your iPhone to its audio system as well.
  • Users can select between waking up along with radio or buzzer alarm sounds.
  • It is really compact and lightweight which takes up very little space on your desk actually.


  • It gives no other color choice than Black.

iphone 5 clock radio

Homtime is actually a wireless iPhone Alarm Clock Dock that permits you to charge your phone when you are connecting the phone to the alarm clock system. Other than this, for those who like to watch videos. You guys can now leave your phone charged on the dock when still continuing to watch your favorite show too.

Also, this device features an Aux-in jack which enables users to have it connected to almost every single audio system. Featuring a dual charging system, you guys can charge 2 devices all at once. When it is wirelessly on the dock, another is via USB charging. Besides, users can also set a timer for music playing from 15 minutes more than 60 minutes long. Then, it will automatically disable.

USP: All-in-one design

iHome iPL8XHG


  • In few seconds, you can easily sync clock time to always-current iPhone time settings.
  • The presence of the stereo high-fidelity drivers in the Reson8 speaker chambers presents rich sound output as well.
  • There are no troubles to program this alarm clock dock more than 6 favorite FM stations. The 6 preset station memories permit you to save your favorite stations.


  • The phone doesn’t charge as it is not making full contact with the lightning plug. So you have to remove the phone case each and every time to get it to work.

Well, don’t be surprised to see this yet another high-quality charging dock from iHome actually. The highlight of this iHome iPL8XHG dock is actually the Reson8 speaker chambers. That gives excellent sound quality. With the expanded bass circuitry, it boosts your music with heavy bass.

As for charging your iPhone, it’s got the ability in order to juice up the device with decent speed. FM radio and dual alarm actually make it a complete package.

It sports an impressively compact design that doesn’t take much space on the desk. The back-lit display lets you instantly check out time, alarm time, radio station frequency, and even volume level as well.

USP: Expanded bass circuitry

iLuv Digital 


  • Its compact and portable size makes it pretty easy for traveling and home use.
  • You will be able to share this device with your roommates as it permits you to set dual alarm clocks.
  • Select, either way, you can decide to wake up along with either radio or buzzer alarms.


  • The battery tends to run slow after a really long run.

This iPhone Alarm Clock Dock from iLuv does not only permit you to charge your iPhone. However, it also gives a USB charging cord for your Apple Watch as well. Designed to look compact and also sleek on your desk, this item basically measures roughly 7 x 3.32 x 3.8 inches in size. As for the weight, it is just 1.1 pounds which are considered light and also portable enough. Plus, there is a 1.2” alarm clock screen that shows times in a digital LED way.

Along with this single unit, users can still set up a dual alarm clock to use for different scheduled times. Additionally, you can select to wake up to 2 different options. That includes radio and buzzer alarm tones as well.

InstaBox W33 


  • Stream wireless audios from your devices through Bluetooth
  • USB port and jack in order to connect with other units
  • Easy to adjust the brightness and time setting as well
  • Sleep or wake to the FM radio


  • It can be really tough to see the control buttons in the dark

iphone 5 clock radio

Whenever you want to purchase a multi-functional radio alarm clock. Then this clock dock (InstaBox W33) serves the purpose actually. In addition to work as an alarm clock radio for iPhone 5, this device just works as a speaker. The implementation of high-quality dual speakers can be found in this system too. This enhances the bass and overall music output as well.

Also, it is really simple to stream wireless audios from your mobile or tablet thanks to the built-in Bluetooth. The adjustable brightness will actually make sure that you can have a restful sleep at night.

iHome iBTW38


  • The iHome iBTW38 device facilitates charging for all of the devices that are compatible with Bluetooth connection.
  • The speakerphone includes digital voice echo cancellation, mic, and answer/end controls as well.
  • It is possible to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled devices actually.


  • It makes a loud announcement that doesn’t seem to have a way in order to turn off.

The iBTW38 alarm clock dock by iHome is compatible along with a variety of devices to provide you more options. There are more than three ports so that you can put and charge many units at the same time. The speaker system is smart which can play and work along with different devices.

The built-in Bluetooth permits you to connect this dock with your phones in order to set up some basic features. The product basically comes with a good speaker to make sure a clear and crisp alarm sound in the morning. Thanks to a universal cradle, this unit could accommodate nearly all types of personal devices in your home actually.

iHome iDL44


  • The iDL44 lightning dock is found compatible along with iPad Air/ iPad Mini, iPhone 5/5S, and iPhone 6/6 Plus.
  • It comes with weekday, weekend, and also custom alarm settings.
  • Along with the assistance of the programmable snooze auto-sync feature. This alarm clock automatically syncs to the iPhone in just a few seconds.
  • The specially designed Reson8 speaker chambers present outstanding power and clarity as well.


  • Docking and sync features are not spectacular actually.

This clock dock by iHome basically comes with a new case-friendly design. That makes it a great option for regular travelers. The alarm will softly start and gradually increase in order to wake you up in the morning. There is also a backup battery to make sure it will not run out in the middle of the night actually.

The speaker is carefully designed in order to create powerful basses and clear highs. It can play and charge most of the devices such as phones, tablets, or much more. The auto time function makes sure that your phone always has an accurate time. Also, there are many preprogrammed station memories so that you can select the favorite options to meet your requirements.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “iPhone 5 clock radio” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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