Best iPhone Keyloggers To Monitor & Track Your Device

Are you looking for the best iPhone keyloggers? Someone might be doubtful about installing or downloading a keylogger on their device voluntarily. We wouldn’t like to view this fellow among apps executing on our device. As such kind of programming is traditionally linked with spying viruses that try to compromise our security and get hold of our bank account or passwords.

However, recently keylogging introduces and becomes good to utilized in the huge array of monitoring tools. There are also stand-alone keylogger programs or versatile control apps with featured keylogger options.

What is a keylogger?

Keylogger is any piece of hardware or software that keeps a log of keystrokes. Also, they were only compatible with older keyboards. However, touchscreen keyloggers also possible.

They use it to:

  • Keep a record of one’s own device, while it is not in reach
  • Track underage children
  • Track company-owned devices problems to employees

Concerned parents certainly use keyloggers to track their children’s online activities and whereabouts. Also, the software is designed to restrict or block access to some content and websites exist.

Certainly, people can install keylogger programs to protect their mobiles should they lose it, or view how others use their devices given to them temporarily.

Employers also use keyloggers on company-owned iPads or iPhones to assess the employee’s performance. Also, they ensure that the device is used for work-related tasks.

Even if you don’t consider installing a keylogger on your device, you must be aware of the possibility.

However, some of them can be hidden, so you might have one on your device without even knowing. It’s always good to know what you might face.

Best Keyloggers For iPad & iPhone



iKeyMonitor is an amazing keylogger app for iOS devices. It not just logs keystrokes but also track WhatsApp, SMS, Calls, Facebook, Twitter, and lots of other things. Once installed on the iPhone or iPad, you receive logs through email. You don’t want to login to any web service or dashboard to check the activities.

The primary use of this application is for parents that want to keep a record of their kids’ activity on their iDevices. Also, they restrict some things if required. The app is not available for free, but it can also come with a trial period before you decide to buy it.

This one allows you not only secure your children but also expose a cheating husband by revealing messages and call logs, as well as SMS from social networks (Kik, Facebook, hangouts, WhatsApp, etc.) GPS tracking also provides a feature that might comes quite handy if you lose your mobile. All logs are sent to your mail account (so you must know to create one rather than from that you use on your mobile.)

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Pumpic iPhone Keylogger

This keylogger focus on parental monitoring purposes, like protection against online predators, cyber-bullying, sexting, and many other inappropriate online activities from both sides. However, the keylogger feature is also a part of the Pumpic software, which you can view on your target device. So that the person you track knows that he is monitored by someone (like calls, SMS, the web, social networks, photos and videos, GPS location, and much more.)

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This one also offers a keylogger among the array of spying or irregular features, which is rather wide: Messages and call logs, e-mail and lots of other social networks text monitoring, geo-fencing, locking, and clearing the mobile. However, it’s very expensive.



This is an app that offers lots of 35 monitoring features within the same budget. However, its compatibility is its strengths (you don’t want to jailbreak iOS devices to use this), you will quickly get used to its smart interface which is simple or user-friendly.

It also offers some advanced or basic features to its users. If you like to only view the calls, contacts, and message information, then its features will be quite enough for you. But if you are searching to get more information that you can depend on its Watchlist features or Ambient Recorder. Watchlist features also provide instant notifications about some places, words, locations, and also emails.

With its affordable packages or 24-hour online support, Xnspy is best among the top apps in this category.




MaxxSpy is another tracking app that runs in the background of the target device, but remote installation is not available and it works only on jailbroken devices. But if you’re searching for a basic tracking app for a jailbroken iPhone which you can gain access to for few minutes, then this application will do just fine. You can also log in to your MaxxSpy account online and check what the desire iPhone’s user is up to.

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MobileSpy is another decent iPhone keylogging and tracking app with lots of amazing features to give you an idea of what the target iPhone user is up to. However, if the target iPhone is not jailbroken, then this one is not for you, rather than its unique feature to monitor gambling apps.

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These were some of the best iPhone keyloggers. If you want to share anything more about it then let us know below!

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