Best LG Q7+ Cases To Protect Your Phone From Shocks

Are you looking for the best LG Q7+ cases or covers? The LG Q7+ is one of the best mobile recent more premium mid-rangers. However, its price is very cheap. Also, it comes with lots of flagship-level specification such as HiFi Quad DAC IP68 dust and water resistance.

The LG Q7+ has metal on its back. It’s front curved glass is still pretty fragile, so if you like your mobile to keep looking pretty and stay in good condition and marks-free, then you need a good case.

List Of Best LG Q7+ Cases:

  • Brushed Coated Hybrid Amor Case
  • Bumper Shield Transparent Case
  • Zizo Heavy Duty Hybrid Series
  • ASmart Slim Case
  • ATUS Hybrid Dual Layer Case
  • Mustaner Rugged Case
  • E-Began Leather-Looking Case
  • Vintage CROCO Leather Case
  • Matte Leather Case
  • CoverON Explorer series

Brushed Coated Hybrid Amor Case

Brushed Coated Hybrid Amor Case

The case for LG Q7+ offered by HD Accessory features a clean or simple design. It’s built from hard PC and provides softer TPU accents. It has a metal-style backplate that offers the best grip sensation. On the other hand, the raised bezels keep the display in a good condition. The cover is marketed as being thin with a high price tag.

Check Out: HD Accessory ($5)

Bumper Shield Transparent Case

The LG Q7+ seems good and impressive in itself, so if you like a case that can’t hide that you might as well move for a clear one. Like this one available at HD Accessory. The product also features a thin, compact design that can’t add additional bulk.

Check Out: HD Accessory ($5.50)

Zizo Heavy Duty Hybrid Series

Zizo Heavy Duty Hybrid-best LG Q7+ cases

Keep your smartphone in a good condition for a really long time after using this heavy-duty cover by Zizo on the back of your LG Q7+. It is made up of polycarbonate and TPU, the product is stiffened at the corners to ensure the security of the key areas. Also, it has a built-in kickstand, for when you like to watch videos or make any video call. Also, it comes in various different color options like Black, Black with Silver accents, or Burgundy with Gold accents.

Check Out: Zizo Wireless ($7.99)

ASmart Slim Case

The case is very slim from ASmart for your Q7+. It can also feature a stunning brushed texture on its back with gloss detailing or carbon fiber that lets you hold the mobile smoothly in hand. Also, it boasts a robust TPU bumper with an air buffer to protect from shocks. It is available in Black or Blue.

Check Out: Amazon ($7.90)

ATUS Hybrid Dual Layer Case

ATUS Hybrid Dual Layer Case

The ATUS accessory safeguards your phone from shocks due to the TPU layer. Also, it features a robust polycarbonate shell, so that your device will suffer no shocks or damages. Those who do care about the environment will have a choice for this cover. However, ATUS remembers that the plastic from which the product is crafted from recyclable. Also, it has a tempered glass screen protector.

Check Out: Amazon ($7.99)

Mustaner Rugged Case

For those who spend too much time in outdoor activities, this rugged case from Mustaner probably be the best way to go. The product is crafted from a tough shall frame or soft TPU that secure the device from any sort of damage. Also, it features a rugged texture on it’s back, for the best grip. Also, the Mustaner offers a kickstand for the best video watching. You can also order it in all-black color or in the black one.

Check Out: Amazon ($7.99)

E-Began Leather-Looking Case

E-Began-best LG Q7+ cases

It is a looking leather case from E-Began for your mobile LG Q7+. The experts use 3D Technology to create the best texture of leather you view on its back from the most commonly used TPU material. Also, the case is made up of hard materials that ensure your device never comes to damage or any harm. The case also features special patterns that help to keep your phone cool at all times.

Check Out: Amazon ($7.98)


These were some of the best cases for LG Q7+. Now let us know which one did you like to buy? Also, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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