Best Samsung Galaxy Moto G7 Cases

Are you looking for the best Samsung Galaxy Moto G7 cases? The Moto G7 is one of the new additions to the Moto G line up and provides an upgrade over the Moto G6. The device also comes with a stunning glass back or teardrop notch.

However, the glass feels super premium it also is liable to scratches and also shatter if mistakenly drop which is why slapping on a best-case makes sense.

However, with the availability of lots of various cases, it also becomes a chore to choose the best case for the device. TIf you like help save you the headache of looking for a good case for the device. Then we’ve made a list of the best cases from different categories.

Best Moto G7 Cases:

Rugged Cases

Tekcoo Rugged Moto G7 Cases

Tekcoo Rugged Case

If you’re searching for a stylish or cool rugged case, then this case from Tekcoo should be your best choice. It is made up of shock-absorbing rubber and is also scratch-resistant. The edges of the case are reinforced to help cushion the mobile if it is mistakenly dropped. The case fits the device perfectly.

SunRemex Durable Armor Moto G7

If you’re searching for the another-rugged case for the Moto G7, then here is another one. This tank-like case from SunRemix offers the best drop and shock security and also provides an anti-fingerprint coating.

The case also provides a built-in kickstand which is best to grip.

Supcase UB Pro

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is a top-rated option for those searching for rugged cases. It is a multi-layered TPU and the polycarbonate case does the best job of keeping the mobile safe from accidental falls and drops. It has a kickstand that allows you to prop the mobile up in both landscape or portrait, and it also comes with the best belt clip holster.

Move On To Wallet cases

Yogurt for Motorola Moto G7 Cases

Yogurt for Motorola Moto G7

If you’re searching for the best wallet case for the Moto G7. Then try this genuine leather wallet case should be the best one. It is designed with genuine leather and allows you to put your cards in the flip cover of the cases.

However, the case is available in different colors and feels good to the touch. The case is handmade besides many other leather cases in the market.

Hoomil Leather Wallet case

If you’re searching for the cheap wallet case for the Moto G7. Then go for it. A sit is one of the best budget leather wallet case from Hoomil. The case is fairly minimal and lets you put some cards or cash in its wallet section.

However, the case also acts as a stand for the device. The ports or buttons can easily accessible as well. The case also provides magnets to close and protect your device securely.

Ultra-thin cases (slim) Moto G7 Cases

Avalri Ultra-thin Moto G7 Case

Avalri Ultra-thin Moto G7 Case

If you’re wondering about the simple or best ultra-slim case for the Moto G7, then this case should be the best chocie for you. The case is very slim and also offers an anti-fingerprint coating.

This ultra-thin case also provides a raised camera lip to safeguard the camera unit as well. Avalri also offers the case in different colors as well. The case is very light and can’t add too much weight or bulk to the device.

TopACE Extremely Light Ultra Thin Case

TopACE is the best budget ultra-slim case for the Moto G7. It seems like Avalri case afore-mentioned. Also, it comes at a cut-price. The case helps to safeguard your device from marks and offers some best drop protection.

The ports or buttons can accessible very easily since the case just does not move over any of the ports or buttons.

Clear cases

Idea Line Premium Moto G7 Case

Idea Line Premium Moto G7 Case

This best clear case allows you to show off the real color of your Moto G7 without having to fret about scratches or marks appearing on your new device. The TPU around the corners helps you to absorb some of the impacts if it drops and also provides the best surface to grip on.

All buttons or ports are accessible easily and the buttons also cover so that they are protected from marks as well.

Sparin Soft Nature TPU Case

If you’re searching for a clear case for the Moto G7, then this smooth clear case is the one to choose. The case is totally clear and also provides the best marks and accidental drop security or protection as well.

The device fits within the case so that you won’t have to fret about the device dropping out from the case.

Leather cases

Uspandi Crocodile Skin pattern leather skin

Uspandi Crocodile Skin pattern leather skin

If you’re searching for an amazing cool leather case, then this crocodile skin pattern case is best suited for the Moto G7. However, the case is not made of genuine leather beside it’s made with PU leather and offers an anti-scratch or marks protection.

The hard case offers the best grip in the hand. The case is very thin and light in weight as it fits the device easily. This is also one of the best leather cases for the Moto G7 that is not a wallet case.

Moto G7 Cases

Poetic Affinity

It is another best durable Moto G7 case. However, the Poetic Affinity case merges an impact-resistant bumper or hard shell with reinforced edges to provide military-grade (MIL-STD 810G-516.6) security for your mobile. On its back, the raised ridges have a matte finish to keep them mark-free. An extended lip keeps the rear camera, display, and fingerprint scanner free from broken.

Tudia Merge

Tudia Merge

The Tudia Merge is another amazing chocie for those who love more heavy-duty protection. It offers two layers. The first one is a hard polycarbonate shell located on its top to keep the mobile marks-free. The second one is an inner TPU layer that helps to absorb the shock of drops. You can also get buttons or ports, a raised lip for the display and camera lenses, and best cutouts for everything else. It comes in four different colors. These are metallic slate, matte black, mint, and rose gold.

Back To Nature

This hard case is in a dark brown walnut color that offers a navigational compass design on its back. However, what’s good about it is that it’s made with wood grain. That’s the very thing which makes it different from others.

Olixar Faux Leather Guard TPU Case

Olixar Faux Leather Guard TPU Case

The Olixar Leather TPU case merges both looks with affordable or durable materials. The case is best or perfect for those who don’t have a high budget. Rather than getting an expensive leather case that can’t offer a lot of security, this dual-layer TPU case provides a faux leather finish on its back.

Basically, this case provides you the look, feel. Not just this but also it offers the leather texture without the high price tag. They also provide false stitchwork on the seams. Well, it’s still your typical durable, flexible, impact-resistant TPU that some cases are made nowadays.

Dretal Shock Armor Case

The case Dretal Shock Armor offers too much protection than many others on our list. Basically, if you’re searching for added more protection and a very thicker case then this one be the best one. Also, this case provides a dual-layer design with a smooth TPU lining.

However, that outer polycarbonate plastic has a smooth-touch and ribbed finish so you’ll grip it easily and your phone never falls from it. We love that Dretal added double-thick bumper stops on the edges which stick out past the plastic housing, providing you additional drop-protection. Also, there’s a metal plate into the frame which allows you to easily use this cover.

FilmHoo Dual-Shell Kickstand Case

FilmHoo Dual-Shell Kickstand Case

If you are working on a construction site then it’s difficult your phones. If so, just consider this stunning case from FilmHoo. They’re using a pretty top-rated style and design we view all the time. The case offers a dual-layer polycarbonate or TPU shell case. Also, it comes with a screen protector.

Well, the FimHoo is a rugged plastic or TPU case similar to the one mentioned above on our list. But the one thing that is added to it is it offers a kickstand on the back for hands-free videos or movies, which folds easily when not in use.

Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen is another most popular name when it comes to mobile protection. The best part of that is because they offer amazing cases for everything from the new Galaxy S10 to budget smartphones such as Moto G7.

So, if you like a case that’s durable, stunning, stylish, affordable, and will safeguard your phone, consider the Spigen Rugged Armor the best pick. This is their best-durability level or selling design for every smartphone. This case has raised corners around the camera lens and display to keep them both protective, air-gap cushion technology on the inside four edges to keep the screen protective if you are mistaken drop your mobile. However, the smooth-touch textured matte finish makes it looks stunning and easier to grip.


These were some of the best cases for Moto G7. Now let us know which one did you like to buy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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