Best Skype Hacks and Tricks That You Don’t Know

Well, skype is not actually a bad app however, it has definitely undergone some of the changes, for better or worse, because Microsoft took it over. Still, in order to keep in general touch along with family, friends, and business colleagues, Skype is still one of the good ones actually. We are going to discuss Best Skype Hacks and Trick That You Don’t Know.

Best Skype Hacks and Trick That You Don’t Know

Well, in all of my years of using Skype (and I am using it right from the very start), here are the Skype tips and hacks that I have found most useful. Be aware though that some of them may not work if you are using the Skype app from the Windows 10 store actually. The Windows 10 store app basically varies in some subtle ways from the version on the Skype website as well.

Run Two Instances Of Skype At The Same Time (for Mac Only)

Once upon a time, I used to work for an online call center that basically used Skype numbers. This meant running multiple instances of Skype on my desktop so each and every number would always be available for someone to call me. However, how do you get more than one Skype in order to open at the same time?

I have not been able to find a single way for Windows computers yet (if you know of one, then let me know please). However, on a Mac, it’s a really simple case of opening the Terminal, and then typing in the following :

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Skype/
sleep 1
open -n "/Applications/"

When you do that, a second Skype instance will then open and you will ask to log into the second account.

Use your Skype As a Covert Security Camera

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This basically involves having a second account (that is really easy enough to do) and also having a second device (just like a smartphone or tablet).

On the second account that will be the “spying account”, then you need it to answer all of the incoming calls automatically. (So that it does not ring and alert anyone. Besides, who’s gonna pick up?). On Windows devices, you can find the setting through going to Tools–>Options–>Calls–>Call Settings–>Show Advanced Options. You will then see there an option to Answer Incoming Calls Automatically. You have to turn that on.

On macOS, tap on your avatar at the top left, and in the menu that basically comes up. Select Calling–>Advanced. You will find the option there.  You need to switch it on. Then make sure the webcam works as well as the audio too.

When you guys use the first Skype account in order to call the second account. Then the calls get answered immediately, and the webcam and sound kick in as well. You can then use it in order to keep an eye on your pets, kids, or the babysitter when you are out.

Transfer your Files Without Any Size Limits on skype | skype hacks

File transfer is not limited to simple Skype conversations actually. You guys can also transfer documents during IMs and conferencing as well. Sending files during Skype conferences and IMs works the same way just like it does during other Skype communication. When you guys understand the principles, then nothing could be easier.

Skype basically enables you to send files to your chat contacts, however, what differentiates it from say sending files through email, is that there is no file size limit on Skype as well. The email typically has a 25MB file size limit and many other file transfer services, for example, WeTransfer also imposes strict limits. However, Skype does not and a further benefit is that the file transfer is really secure.

If you make a second Skype account that belongs to yourself. Then you can technically transfer files to yourself through passing the file from one account to another as well.

Turn off File Transfer (for Windows Only)

If you have a company and you are using Skype as your phone line. Then you may want to disable file transfer, in order to stop customers from passing your infected files actually. Or to stop employees from intentionally or unintentionally passing infected files as well.

I have only found a Windows method (if you know of a macOS method, then please let me know).

  • First, you have to open the Registry Editor through going to the Start Menu and typing in “Run” (without the speech marks). Whenever the Run box appears, you need to type RegEdit. It will then ask you that if you want to open the Registry Editor. Tap“Yes“.
  • Whenever the Registry Editor is open, you then have to add this new key – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Skype\Phone.
  • When the key has created, add a new DWORD value along with the name DisableFileTransfer.
  • Set DisableFileTransfer to 1 will turn off Skype file transfer. Deleting the key will re-enable the file transfer again actually.

Replace Your Landline Phone With a Skype Number and Voicemail | skype hacks

Well, call quality has got to the stage now where you can feasibly get rid of your landline and also replace it with Skype. However, the only downside is that Skype still does not support calling the emergency services. Now for that, you would need to use a mobile phone actually.

You can also buy a Skype number that is a regular phone number that anyone can dial and it will then ring your Skype app. The number can be from any part of the country in any country that Skype supports as well. If the person lives in that country or area, then they merely pay local rates as well. A few years back, I had a New York number for a client, and they only paid local rates in order to call me here in Germany.

Most of the countries though will only allow you to have a Skype number in that country if you are a resident there actually. Germany is actually a prime example, and the last I checked, the Netherlands as well. In those instances, you would have to give proof of residence which would be checked as well.

Carry Skype On a USB Stick ( for Windows Only)

If you guys need to take your Skype on the move with you, then the portable version is your best bet actually. It’s only for Windows and it is not official in the sense that it is offered through Skype. However, it is still a high-quality version that you can trust as well.

Made by John Haller’s Portable Apps page, you can also put it on a USB stick and then run it on your Windows laptop.

Back-Up Your Skype History (for Windows Only) | skype hacks

This one does not really work with the Windows 10 store app. However, if you have the installable version from the Skype website, then open up the Run box and type in the following :


skype hacks

This will then open up a folder containing a database (“main.db”). You have to copy the main.db file to a secure backup location. Because that contains all of your conversations, contacts, and much more.

Access “Hidden” Emoticons

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Well, in addition to the emoticons and smilies that appear in the normal menu. Skype basically offers some secret “hidden emoticons” that you can liven up your chats if you know the correct keyboard shortcuts as well.

Skype gives plenty of emoticons in order to cover every possible conversation however, not all of them are widely publicized. Above are some of the ones that you may not know about. Simply type the code and tap enter for the code to convert into the emoticon as well.

Transfer Skype Contacts From One Account To Another (for Windows Only) | skype hacks

If you guys are setting up another Skype account, then you can transfer over all of your contacts altogether. This basically saves you the time and hassle of entering each and every one individually. Every contact will still have to approve you on your new account though. But if you guys have hundreds of contacts, being able to transfer them all over to a new account in one go is really a great time hack.

But, it only seems to be a Windows feature. I was actually unable to find the feature on macOS. On Windows, head to Contacts–>Advanced–>Backup Contacts To File. You will then get a VCF file along with the contacts inside. In order to import the contacts to the other account, then go to the same menu and select to Restore Contacts From File.

Rename Your Contacts

There’s actually no way (as yet) in order to upload your own avatar photos of contacts. However, if you dislike what the contact is calling themselves on Skype, then you can also rename them on your list.

On Windows, just right-tap on the name and select Rename. On a macOS, tap on the contact then on their name at the very top of the conversation window. This actually opens up their profile window along with a little pencil icon on the right actually. Tapping the pencil icon will turn you on to rename the contact.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “skype hacks” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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