Best Text Based RPG Android Games – Review

Are you looking for the best text-based RPG android games? We all love to play games that are high on Graphics. But many of us don’t like it. Some of us want to get engaged in text games that are more interesting to read.

These text quests are very fascinating to kill some spare time and be the decider of what happens next in the game. Come let’s take a look at some best text games that can’t leave you disappointed.

Text-Based RPG Android Games:

Magium – Text adventure RPG (CYOA)


Magium is the best text adventure game. The game Magium comes in the form of an interactive novel where you want to make skilled options to make your way towards victory.

Well, the game does not design for you if you love other genres of games. Those who offer action or movement rather than fascinating text adventure. Also, the game lets you select your own adventure. However, there are some best chances that you might not find the user interface to be highly polished but it’ll be a unique element for you to check if you love fantasy novels.

Check Out: Magium

Forbidden Valley – Text Adventure

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