Best VR Headsets For iPhone 6 Series – Review

Are you looking for the best VR headsets for iPhone 6 series? We all love to watch moves or shows, play games but it’s wonderful to do all these things in the 360-degree view, isn’t it?

How about choosing the best VR headsets for your iPhone SE/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus? I’m sure you would love to purchase all these amazing VR headsets for iPhone are packed in with the class rather than technology to improve your experience. Let’s move down to check out which one perfectly suits your taste!

Best VR Headsets For iPhone SE/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus:

Here is the list of best headsets:

  • Merge VR
  • Gearsone
  • Destek
  • Kamle
  • Sytros
  • Bnext
  • Pansonite
  • VeeR
  • Bnext VR Pro
  • Eleovo



Destek VR headsets for iPhone 6 series provide a stunning feature of resisting blue light and 103 -degrees field of view. Also, it has touch buttons and remote control that lets a gaming experience like never before. It might look a little bit discomforting upon its design, but with time, you’ll master it and then enjoy the gaming experience using the VR headset.

If we talk about its face padding then it is made of ultra-soft breathing fabric that can’t hurt your face. Also, the strap is also smooth on your head. Overall, it is very comfortable or flexible for long-time wearing.

Download:  DESKTEK

Merge VR

If you are curious about ultra-advanced VR headset, then you must try Merge VR. The headset is made with lightweight foam and can easily fit any face. Also, it comes with dual touch inputs that support VR apps. With the use of dual input functionality, you can perform two different actions at the same time.

It is one of the best VR headsets by CNN and has been the winner of the Taste Awards 2017 Honoree, Academic’s Choice Award. Not just this but also it got a rich profile. Readied with the lightweight, soft, and flexible foam material, the headset fits all the face contours. Rather than this, it’s easy to clean and durable.

Also, it allows you to interact with VR apps more efficiently. Hence, you don’t have to depend on controllers to play the games. The lenses are entirely adjustable to fit your eye distance. Better still, you can also select Merge VR from 8 best colors such as yellow, purple, teal, etc

Download: Merge VR



If you are a game lover and want a VR headset to suits your taste then KAMLE can be your trusted bet. It is incorporated with heat dissipating design. Also, it never allows your mobile to get overheated.

Wearing VR headsets for a few hours can heat your device. Kamle also addresses this restriction by adding a heat dissipation design that makes your device radiate faster and thus, limiting heat. The afoam material soothes your face after wearing it.

Also, you can adjust focal distance or pupil to feast your eyes. The headset comes with a joystick-such as Bluetooth remote for movie or gaming viewing. Also, it provides blue lenses to completely protect your eyes.

Download: KAMLE


With a 360-degrees fascinating viewing experience and 103-degrees of the field of view, Gearsone is the best choice for you. However, it’s strap can adjust smoothly without hampering your ears. Whatever you do with this VR headset, it’s amazing.

For gaming, the headset also comes with an amazing controller to add charm to your gaming experience. Also, you adjust the focal distance or pupil to feast your eyes. At last, it supports a huge range of screen sizes just to supporting iPhone 6 series.

Download: GEARSONE


Pansonite VR Headsets For iPhone 6

Pansonite VR headset for iPhone 6 series is a feature enriched headset. It provides a remote control, and built-in headphones. You can also enjoy your games or movies without moving an inch from your bed. It’s HD resin aspherical lenses are comfortable or smooth. These lenses can’t hurt your eyes when having it for hours.

The head strap is also flexible and doesn’t hurt your ears or head. Also, you can adjust the focal distance or pupil to get a clear picture. It is also on a higher price scale as compared to many other products.

Download: Pansonite


Bnext provides you a wide field of view and it lights up your 3D time. The headset features an adjustable head strap so that you don’t feel stress during wearing it. Also, it offers eyesight protection.

Bnext VR Bluetooth headsets also provide good quality virtual reality VR glasses that offer the best 360-degree viewing experience. However, the 3D game or HD optimized supporting VR headsets provides the best visual experience while watching movies or playing games. Also, it offers FD and OD angles to help to expand the viewing angle and can match the focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment.

For VR movies or games, the headsets provide an eyesight protection system, adjustable strap, and soft nose piece, which limit pressure, provides comfort, and best design.

Download: Bnext



VeeR is the virtual reality headsets that feature built-in HD quality stereo headphones. The thing that makes it different from others is that VeeR launches a new VR app every month on the App Store. You’ll don’t run out of the new content. Rather than that, the headsets are very comfortable to wear for hours.

If that’s not difficult, the headset also provides a built-in microphone that you can use to answer calls, without the need to take off the headset.

Download: VeeR


This VR headset equipped with stereo headphones, PD and FD knob, Bluetooth remote, and comfortable fitting.

VR EMPIRE is fully adjustable or ultra-advanced. Also, it comes with 6 vents around the cover to expend heat. Also, there is a phone answering button to allow you to never miss any important calls. Using 120 degrees view angle, it is built to provide a larger-than-life 3D experience.

Your mobile remains intact in its place letting you make the most of the games. Also, the best integration of audition and visual in the helmet makes it a must-have asset for cheering up the virtual reality world.

Like others, this tool lets you answer calls without removing the VR set from your face. Lastly, it is very expensive as compared to the VeeR that has almost the same features.

Download: VR EMPIRE



If your budget is limited but at the same time you want a featured VR headset for your iPhone 6 series, then Sytros might be the best choice. Some of its features provide HD lenses, active button support, PD and FD adjustment knob, and flexible fit.

With a stunning field of view, just feel the 3D experience with Sytros. If you like to feast your eyes, you can also adjust focal distance or pupil very easily. The best thing is that you can use this headset with glasses.

It offers button support and thus, does not need any remote. The comfortable or thick foam can’t hurt your face also if you have it for hours. Also, it’s a good VR headset at a cheap price.

Download: Sytros


Whether you are searching for the best VR headset for iPhone to allow you to watch 3D movies with excitement for exquisite technology to help you juice up your 360-degree viewing then VR SHINECON can be the best pick for you.

VR SHINECON has designed a humanized VR headset that soothes your mind while you are watching shows or movies on iPhones. The good thing about this product is a soft sponge on the headset to secure your mobile screen. Moreover, your iPhone case is protected from scratches.

Ergonomic design is another amazing feature of this VR glass; the T-shaped strap limits 30% pressure around your eyes and balances your head stress.

Depending on your ease, you have the chocie to adjust both focal distance or pupil. People with nearsightedness can use it without wearing glasses.


BNEXT VR Pro Headset

BNEXT VR Headsets For iPhone 6

If you love to play games that come with VR modes, this BNEXT VR headset is specially designed for this purpose. It features the FOV adjustments to improve and widen the capacity of viewing.

Also, it comes with a unilateral myopic alignment feature to limit the viewing distortions.

The headset is very comfortable and safe to use. Also, it is affordable and comes with exclusive VR content and application. The headset lacks the functionality of buttons and gets too hot when used too much.

Download: BNEXT VR Pro Headset


The EXCLEAD 3D VR headset becomes one of the best iPhone VR headset for you if the price is its major concern that you consider. The headset is an all-inclusive and comes with a controller.

The lenses are flexible and adjustable. Also, it provides some safety features that can protect the headset quality along with your eyes.

The headset looks very stunning and classy. Not just this b ut also it is multi-functional and can’t overheat just like above one. You can also adjust its volume and other settings with the help of buttons.

Download: EXCLEAD 3D VR Headset

Eleovo 3D VR Headset

Eleovo 3D-VR Headsets For iPhone 6

What makes the Eleovo 3D VR best is its stunning stereo headphones. Also, this headset boasts it flexibility and controller features. In addition, it comes with a 30-day cash back guarantee if you face any issue with the product. You can use it very comfortably and it provides a good sound quality.


These were some of the best headsets for iPhone 6 series. Improve your 3D viewing experience and discover all the joy of the wonderland. But don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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