Can’t move apps to SD card

Can't move apps to SD card

Secure Digital, officially abbreviated as SD, is a proprietary non-volatile memory card format put forward by the SB Association (SDA) for the use in a portable device. Transferring your apps to your SD card from your phone’s internal memory in order to free some space, it is the best way to save some space. You can transfer the apps by going to Setting and then to Applications, choosing the application, and then press the “Move to SD card” button. Can’t move apps to SD card. Let us see why.

Reason 1. Developer Choice

Android app developers need to remarkably make their apps accessible to move to SD card using the “android:installation: aspect in the <manifest> element of their app. The option to “Move to SD card” will not work, if they don’t. Why most apps have a disabled button? If you mount the SD card then most of the apps will not work. If the app handles like an alarm app and you have put the reminder for your dentist’s appointment which is quite necessary. But if you connect your device to your PC then the alarm will not sound. So developers decided to lock “Move to SD card” ability so they never get a weird email from somebody believing that the app doesn’t work.

Reason 2. Widget Support

There is another big reason that prevents SD card from running is Widget support. The app becomes inaccessible to choose in a certain version of Android(if the app is installed on the SD card) after one has mounted the device. For the widgets from the app to show up as an option again, the device must be restarted again.

Reason 3. Syncing, Service or Account Interface

The app will not function properly from an SD card while it is mounted if the app handles certain types of background syncing, runs as a service, or use an account. So, the app moved to the SD card becomes disable. Also, you can read more about these issues and how apps run from the SD card on the Android Developers-App Install Location Page.


Directly downloading apps to SD card:

You need to set your home directory to the SD card using the Android SDK Tool after having root access on your device. Also in the older version of Android, there was a way to enable the option without root access. So in order to set the home directory, the newer Android version must have root access.

Moving the gaming apps to the SD card:

You can move gaming apps to the SD card. Games do not need to control the necessary tasks on the device. Also don’t need to run in the background for the whole day.

So you must have come to realize why for several Android apps, the button of “Move to SD card” is not available.

How can the option of “Move to SD card is enabled” on any app?

Non-root users can use many processes to enable the ” Move to SD card” option. Now no such case is present here. SD card needs root access to your device to transfer the app to the SD card. If you don’t know the way, you can have a look over the suggestion of XDA Developers.

Can’t move apps to SD card-Conclusion:

Hence, I hope it is clear to you now why you can’t move some apps to the SD card. It can be due to developer choice, widget support or syncing, service, or account interface. If you still have some queries left you can ask us in the comment section below. We will try to resolve the issue. Thank you.

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