How to Fix the iPhone or iPad Error “Cannot Get Mail”

Cannot Get Mail

Even-if your mail id is personal or professional, that you usually check it in a day. Apart from its persistent attacks on messaging apps like WhatsApp and all other apps, email has never lost its glamour and importance. Similarly, for the necessary communication, people mostly favor this mail app over other apps. Thus in this post, we are going to

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Does WhatsApp show my phone number?

WhatsApp show phone number

Here we can say in answer, no. WhatsApp is not able to provide you a new phone number, nor it is able to hide it from you, your contacts. Hence most people ask this that does WhatsApp show phone number. However, the app is simply linking to your existing phone number. So the WhatsApp’s every copy is bound only to

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How To Resize Photos On Windows 10 Photos App

Resize Photos On Windows 10 Photos App

Do you want to resize photos on Windows 10 photos app? If you want to resize photos and running Windows 10, you have a few alternatives. If you’re a long time Windows user, you’ll be glad to hear this that the classic Paint desktop program is still in use besides many other erased or deplore features. Or, you should go

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How to Fix Windows PC Won’t Sleep

pc won't sleep

Sleep mode is actually a low power mode in computers where this mode saves lots of electrical consumption. Upon resume, the device loads the last session so that you can avoid the hassle of opening applications or starting your work again as well. The machine state is in RAM actually; whenever issued the sleep command, the computer powers off un-needed

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Turn off Spell Check in Word 2019, 2016 and 365

Turn off Spell Check

Are you irritated with Microsoft Word 2016 spell checking your documents?And you want to turn off spell check. Spell checking can be disabled and curvy lines that appear down the misspelled word will also disappear with the help of these steps.  You can do any one of the following depending on your operating system: Windows: “Files”>”Option”>”Proofing” macOS: “Words”>”Preference…”>”Spelling and Grammar”.

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How to use Kast

You love watching Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube and also desire to share whatever you watch with your friends? Recently, you might have heard a story going around about Rabbit. This has more bright features, easy to use, and stable. You will get many chances to do many things with your friends like constantly sharing videos, video-chatting during the show or

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