How To Fix “Could Not Find This Item” Error?

Could Not Find This Item

Today you will learn how to fix the “Could Not Find This Item” Error. Most of the time if Windows will also show you a strange error message. If you try to delete a file. Now, The message that reads “could not find this item”. Then it will also prevent you from deleting the file. Now, this is pretty obvious

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COM Surrogate: What Is COM Surrogate? Is It Virus?

COM Surrogate

Most of the users ask about COM Surrogate. What is it? & Does COM Surrogate is a virus? Many other such kinds of questions. Did you ever notice that the COM Surrogate also processes in the Windows 10 task manager? Now, this was also browsing through the list of processes. You may also notice about two of them running on

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Yosemite Installation Stuck OSX With A Minute Remaining

Yosemite Installation Stuck

Here are some of the guidelines about the Yosemite Installation Stuck. So, there is a notable number of Mac users who will be going to update. Also, the machines to OS X Yosemite have discovered something which may also seem alarming. Now, the progress bar also seems to halt during the installation at just minutes remaining. So, in most cases,

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iOS 12.4.5: How To Update Release Of iPhone/iPad Models

iOS 12.4.5

So, Apple also releases the iOS 12.4.5 for a select group of older model iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch. Now, let’s have a look at this guide! This model is also unable to run the latest iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1 releases. Also, According to the brief release notes accompanying the download. The iOS 12.4.5 “provides important security updates” and

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Delete Messages On iOS 10: Delete Messages iOS 12/11/10….

Delete Messages On iOS 10

If you guys have no idea about how to Delete Messages On iOS 10 then there are some of the guidelines that will help you to delete. So, the Messages app will receive a significant makeover in iOS. This is just like many of the other elements of iOS. Then most of its functionalities change as well. Most of the

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Samsung Secure Folder Review: All You Need To Know

Samsung Secure Folder Review

This article is about the Samsung Secure Folder review. So, Samsung secure folder is a great way in order to keep your information safe. Now the secure folders can also encrypt the space where you can also save the files in such as videos, documents, pictures, and apps. Then there is one but that you have to access to this

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Moto X 2014 5.1 Android Update and More

moto x 2014 5.1

Well, the Moto X 2nd Gen, 2014 edition, has basically received the official Android 5.1 update from the company today. And also the good thing is, the OTA update is available for download and manual installation. So if you guys do not feel like waiting in the queue under the gradual rollout through Motorola, just hit the download link below.

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OnePlus 6T Update to OxygenOS 10 and More

oneplus 6t update

OnePlus has actually built a reputation to deliver value-for-money, industry-leading smartphones, and also the 6-series flagships are no exception actually. Apart from packing razor-sharp internals, the 2018 flagships are also guaranteed in order to receive superfast updates, at least for two years. We are going to discuss OnePlus 6T Update to OxygenOS 10 and More. OnePlus 6T Update to OxygenOS

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Moto X 2013 5.1 Android Update and More

moto x 2013 5.1

The Official Android 5.1 Lollipop has been finally rolled-out via Motorola for the Moto X 2013 (Asian Variants) actually. So if you guys have Moto X 2013 XT1052 model that is running on stock Android OS. Then you might receive an OTA Lollipop notification on your device or you can also check the OTA update through navigating to Settings-About Phone

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