CMD Create Folder: How To Create Folders In Command-Line

CMD Create Folder

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to CMD Create Folder. In the command line, it is also called the Windows command line. So, that the command screen or also the text interface that is in a user interface, Then it can also navigate just by typing commands at the prompts, instead of by using a mouse. So, that the Windows folder that is in a Windows command line is “C:\Windows>”. Also, In Unix or Linux then it may be “%” or “>” depend on the shell. It is also unlike a GUI (graphical user interface) operating system, a command-line only uses a keyboard. In order to navigate just by entering the commands and then it does not also utilize a mouse for navigating.

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Reasons why do people use the command line?

However, this is by using a command-line interface that can also require the memorization of many of the different commands. So, that it can also be a valuable resource and then it should not be ignored. This is by using a command line and then you can also perform this that can almost get all the same tasks. Also, this is that it can also that is done with a GUI. Although, there are many tasks that can also perform and then quicker and can be easier to automate and do remotely.

So, that the users who have Microsoft Windows may also find a task such as renaming 100+ files in a folder. This is also a very time intensive task. Although, the renaming of 100+ files that is in a directory and then can be done. So, that it is in less than a minute with a single command that is in the command line. Now, the task can also automate just by using a batch file or other scripts in order to run instantly.

Steps To CMD Create Folder:

By using the command line it is still a very powerful thing in order to use in Microsoft Windows. Then you may need in order to learn how to create a directory that is from the command line. So, that this is if you are also writing a script and then you want a simpler way in order to create multiple folders. So, that here is how it is done.

You have to select the “Start” button and type the cmd then choose “Command Prompt” in the list that appears.

  • In order to switch to another drive, you can simply type the drive letter followed by a colon and then press “Enter“.

CMD Create Folder

  • Then switch to another directory and type cd followed by the path to the directory and then press the “Enter“.
  • You have to Type mkdir followed by the name of the folder you wish to create, then press “Enter“.

CMD Create Folder

In order To Create multiple folders is easier from the command line. Then you can type mkdir followed by the names of each folder and then separated by a space to do this.

mkdir mynewfolder1 mynewfolder2 testfolder1.

So, this is all about it!

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Hope this guide will help you to resolve this issue! Thank You!

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