Colorize Folders: Ways To Colorize Folder In Windows 10

Colorize Folders

You Can also Colorize Folders in Windows 10 according to your own choice. Now it can probably nothing more infuriating. Let’s get started! So, that it can have it find a file or the folder that is in a sea of desktop clutter and overflowing directories. Now, this is also possible that you should be okay with this that can how things look at first. The reason is that the more folders and files that you can add then the messier your computer gets.

Also, it can despite the disorganization then you might be actually one of those users. So, that who can aspire in order to keep things that are as tidy as possible. Then you can still struggle to arrange them with the limited software tools. By using Windows then your only chance in order to organize folders is to name them differently.

So, Mac users can have it easier. from naming directories then they can also assign color labels. In case, if you are using Windows 10 then you can need to rely on a third-party application to colorize folders. Now, there are a ton of options for an app that will also allow you to do this.  In this article, we will also discuss the Folder Marker Free.

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How To Colorize folders using Folder Marker Free

You have to download file size of only 6.2 MB. Then the Folder Marker Free is also a small but useful app. In order to start by using this app and then you can colorize it in your folders then you need to:


  • You have to download the Folder Marker Free from its official website. Apart from the Free version then the software also comes with the Home and the Pro versions. So, that it can typically use the free version is all you need.
  • When the app can download and then install and then launch it.
  • That is afterward then you will see that the Folder Marker. So, that it can provide you with a selection of 13 different colors in order to choose it from. It can also include in the default color.
  • In order to colorize folders then click on the browse icon that is available at the top-right of the app window. And then you can select the folder if you wish to color.
  • When you have the right folder that is selected then you can pick the color on the list. You just have to click on the Apply then you will also see the change instantly.

Colorize Folders


Then there is that you can go. So, that is all you need to do to change the color of a folder.

So, the side note is that when they can alter the colors of the folders. It is also possible that you might notice that Windows no longer. So, that it can give you a preview of the directory’s contents then this is as a thumbnail on the folder. This is nothing that you have to worry about it. The reason is that the Folder Marker that is along with the colors. That it can replace the dynamic styling of Windows folders.

You just have to keep this fact in mind that is before you can change in a specific type of folder, like photo albums. Now you may also take the benefit from keeping the folder’s default dynamic styling.

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The Folder Marker Free Change a Colorize Folders:

So, that the ability is to colorize folders so will also definitely help you to organize your data. Then the reason is that it can only do so much. Then the Folder Marker is more than just a colorizing tool. Using the app then you can also label folders that are base on their priorities, progress, and importance.

  • You just have to open the Folder Marker Free app. After that, you have to click on the Main menu.
  • This is as same as before then you have to select your folder by using the browse feature.
  • Then click on the Next button then you can choose the icon from the Main For the free version then these are options are:
    • To High priority
    • The Normal priority
    • A Low priority
    • Planned work
    • Having Half-done work
    • To-Done your work
    • Also, Work with files
    • Having the Private files
    • To The Important files
    • The Temp files
    • A Group
  • Now you have to select the appropriate icon then click on the Apply.

Colorize Folders

So, the 11 selections above that are the only available that the one for free users. Then you can also work and then everyday purposes. Now the more icons that you would most likely be helpful. After that, you can also download more icons by buying icon packs from the Folder Marker’s official site.

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The More Tips on Organizing Your Folders:

You can also organize the tools in such as Folder Marker that are only helpful if you can use them correctly. So, that it can ideally before you can start relying on heavily that has such tools. Then it is worth it to start tidying up your folders manually.

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Tips to improve organization include:

  • To Delete all the files that you have the longer need
  • You just have to place the correct files that have them into the appropriate folders.
  • Now you have to put work folders and then files into one place. During this, the entertainment files are just like music and games go into another.
  • Also, it can also further divide these files based on their type of songs and movies should not be in the same folder. The reason is that this can still live that is inside the entertainment directory.
  • Then you have to take the advantage of the cloud storage services just like Google Drive in order to create the backup that has the important documents.

So, this is all about the colorize folders in windows 10.

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So, as we mentioned earlier that there are many other options. Apart from this, the Folder Marker can also let you colorize your folders. Then the Folder Marker is also good enough for most situations also you might think that the collection of colors is too limited. Then another app is called Folder Colorizer 2. So, that it can incorporate a color editor feature. By using the editor make it possible for you to access a wider array of custom colors. Now, this is with that you can say then it is not free and will charge you $9.95/year for its use.

Hope this article will help you to solve your issue! Have A Nice Day!

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