Command Line Cheat Sheet Wallpaper: Way to Learn the Commands with Background image

 Cheat Sheet Well, Guys, the Cheat sheet is the perfect way to quickly access some useful piece of info. Though when you guys do not like to go into details. Just from programming commands to Photoshop shortcuts, cheatsheets also make your work more suitable. And how much more suitable it would be. Whether you guys are also able to have your favorite cheatsheets as beautiful desktop backgrounds.

Whether you are new to using the command line & also trying to learn the Terminal. Simply setting a cheat sheet of the command syntax for usually used tricks. As your background pic able also be a pretty helpful method to help remember commands.

The image also includes file commands, ssh, installation & building from the source. (Will also need the dev tools), network basics, system information, searching, method management commands, file permissions, compression, typical command-line shortcuts, and VIM, & furthermore. Whilst this cheat sheet background was considered for Linux users, most of the commands work in Mac OS X as well since Mac OS is based on a Unix BSD core. If you are on a Mac or PC does not really matter quite as much as having access to the command line & its power.

Command Line Cheat Sheet Wallpaper: Way to Learn the Commands with Background image

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  • You guys are also able to grab the full resolution (2500×1600) version here

Simply Set the wallpaper to your Mac or Linux machine and you guys are also falsely able to see the desktop for quick reference for lots of commands that are often used.

However, this is a too difficult way to learn neat tricks, specifically for those who are new to the command line or for those who also like to have a refresher handy for some processes & syntax for the myriad of commands available.

You guys are also able to check out more of our command-line tips as well.

Update: Just like a few commenters pointed out, the initially sourced image has a joke. That was not specifically hilarious, the image has been changed. Though there is no command to make your PC faster!

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