Comparison: S Pen Vs Apple Pencil

S Pen Vs Apple Pencil: Even though the Apple Pencil or S Pen both serve the same functions, there are many big differences between these two stylus accessories. The S Pens supported Samsung devices. On the other hand, the Apple Pencil supports iPads. There are only two variants of the Apple Pencil: the 1st or 2nd genre. Whereas, there are lots of other models of the S Pen that come with your smart device upon purchase.

S Pen Vs Apple Pencil:

Structure & Design

S Pen or Apple Pencil

The shape of the Apple Pencil is cylindrical with a flat side that sticks magnetically to the other side of your device. It is quite long with a larger, very blunt tip than the S Pen. Generally, the S Pen comes with both soft or hard interchangeable tip choices. However, Apple Pen has one hard tip. It can also come in the white color, besides different available options for the S Pen.

If you buy an Apple Pencil directly from the Apple website, you have the choice to customize an engraving on the side with no extra charge. The S Pen is very lighter than the Apple Pencil in terms of weight. For the shortcut buttons, the S Pen contains a physical button, but the Apple Pencil contains a touch-based button.

For top-quality, the S Pen continuously feels more accuracy in terms of a realistic writing experience than that of Apple Pencil. The S Pen tip is very pointer or smaller, leaving you with much control over what you write or draw. The Apple Pencil is much larger or rounder.


The major difference in terms of charging or battery capabilities is that the S Pen needs you to slide it back into the device to charge. But the Apple Pencil do so wirelessly and automatically on the go. You can then get a half-hour of battery for 40 seconds of charge in the S Pen and about 15 seconds for the Apple Pencil. The S Pen also offers a few hours of battery standby time and 12 using the Apple Pencil.



Both Apple Pencil or S Pen are identical regarding whole performance. Ultimately, your experience depends on what operations or actions you plan while achieving. Both the S Pen or Apple Pencil have identical capabilities in terms of pressure sensitivity. It means that the stylus applied pressure is direct correlates with the thinness or thickness of the lines drawn.

Response time or latency correspond heavily with the user’s experience. This is where the Apple Pencil outperforms the S Pen using its 120hz display refresh rate or 9ms response time. Using S Pen, there is a delay while touching the display screen for when the drawing appears. The difference is very small, however, it is worth mentioning as it is one of the best or important features for some smart devices. The Apple Pencil displays no evidence of a delay at all.

Both the Apple Pencil or S Pen perform quite similar in regards to palm rejection. It means that you should rest your palm normally on the display screen without making it any unnecessary marks, as while writing on an actual piece of paper. The problem of parallax is prevalent for Apple than Samsung products. However, both parallax or palm rejection has more to do with smart devices besides the styluses themselves.

If you predict using your device for drawing purposes, you might have a better experience selecting the Apple Pencil. This is because of its whole performance rates regarding input lag or low latency. Alternatively, the S Pen performs the task of note-taking. It is also comfortable in terms of weight or grip for some people. The tip is very smaller, leaving you with more precision or control.


Every Samsung tablet version comes with the S Pen after buying the device. But that’s not the case with Apple Pencil, which must always be bought separately. However, you can still purchase a replacement S Pen if something happens to the real, which can cost roughly 30 dollars.

The 1st genre Apple Pencil costs 100 dollars, and the 2nd generation costs 130 dollars. No matter what model you get, the Apple Pencil price is very expensive than the S Pen.


No matter which you select, the Apple Pencil or S Pen is available in incredible pieces of technology. How you can apply used to them can potentially impact your whole experience depending on which model you use. However, if you don’t have a budget issue, you shouldn’t fret too much about getting the costly option.

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