Constant Apple ID Verfication Password Pop-Ups on iPhone & iPad

Apple ID VerificationSome users of iPhone & iPad also have discovered their devices keep asking them again and again for their Apple ID just to be clarified simply with a password. Whether you have this problem, however, this Apple ID password verification pop-up visible randomly. Normally and you will see it appear anytime you restart the device just on the lock screen. And often when unlocking the device just after a period of going unused.

Basically, there are two different pop-ups you probably experience with this problem in iOS, the wording is either “Apple ID Verification – you have to Enter the password for (the Apple’s ID) in Settings” or “Apple ID Password – The password for (Apple ID) needs to be updated.” in these two cases, you will have an option to head to the “Settings” & to “Sign In”.

What is moving on, and in what way do you fix the constant Apple ID verification request?

Fixing Constant iOS Apple ID Password Verification Pop-Up Alert

Determining the continuous Apple ID password verification request is normally by doing the following:

  1. When you guys view the Apple ID Verification pop-up message, you have to select “Settings”
  2. Simply you have to sign in to the Apple ID with the password for the account as normal. This will make the message go away for now
  3. Then back up the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch just to iCloud & iTunes. You have to back up the device. Just because you likely have to update iOS software
  4. You have to head to the Settings app and then head to the “General” followed by “Software Update”. Install any software updates that are waiting for available. Whether you are already on the current version of iOS and no software updates are there available skip this step, restart the device, & head to the next
  5. However, when the device also starts back up, you have to move back to “Settings”. Next to “iCloud” and click on the Apple ID username & email address, then sign in to iCloud when requested.
  6. Here you have to exit out of Settings, so then you should not see the Apple ID’s verification pop-up once more.

Enough jumping around, a possible iOS update, a restart, & various logins for the exact Apple ID & iCloud account. But for most utilizers, this resolves the problem. On the other hand to some other reports on discussion boards. So then you do not have to log out or turn in the Apple ID in order to resolve the problem. Simply verifying the password & restarting is normally enough.

Whether you restart the device after this, so then you should no longer view the lock-screen error message is requesting Apple ID password verification.

Ignore the pops-ups

Definitely, you guys are also able to just ignore the pop-ups & nothing looks to change. However, whether you do not log in to the Apple ID. So then your device won’t be backing up to iCloud. And you will view a “last backup could not be completed” error message till the problem is resolved.

Quite a few utilizers have encountered this annoying issue as displayed in different Apple discussion threads. Another exact problem exists with some versions of iOS just with constant iCloud backup password requests in the form of a pop-up. Both of these are likely a bug. That will be sorted out in a future iOS version, so be sure to keep iOS updated (or considering using automatic iOS update whether you regularly procrastinate). Nonetheless, whether your iPhone also keeps asking for your Apple ID password & verification, now you at the minimum know the way to fix it.

Btw, the users of Mac probably also find that iCloud in OS X is asking for the password inconstantly with Messages, FaceTime, or iCloud usage. Whether you experience the issue on one device. Chances look to be that you will experience it on another soon after.

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Well, I hope that you like the guide. If you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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