Countdown Apps For iPad & iPhone – Review

Are you looking for the best countdown apps for iOS devices? Anniversaries, birthdays, concerts, holidays, or meetings, whatever the occasion coming, countdown apps help you to make it more successful or special. However, due to our busy schedules, we forgot our important dates. Keeping that in mind, we have mentioned some amazing countdown apps for iPad or iPhone. Come let’s take a look.

Free Countdown Apps For iPad & iPhone:

  • Countdown Star
  • Countdown
  • DayCount
  • Countdown°
  • Event Countdown – Calendar App
  • Countdown
  • Vacation Countdown App
  • Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)
  • Days • Event Countdown
  • Countdowns – Track Events

Countdown Star

Countdown Star

When the event comes near, our anxiety increase, the app makes it easier. It allows you to customize every event’s background with photos or wallpapers, mixing some motivation or fun into the mix.

Also, there is no limitation. Add any type of occasion from birthdays to weddings with ease and show them on Today Widget or Apple Watch. However, the app supports event sharing through email, message, or social media.

Download: Countdown Star


The app monitors all your upcoming events and sends out timely reminders, a week, or a day in advance. Also, it hosts a handy iOS 14 home screen widget to show the most important events.

You can also create infinite events and choose any custom background for the countdown. Also, set them to repeat yearly if required and tehn view counts up from past events. You can easily spot events after organizing them to the most distant.

Download: Countdown


DayCount-Countdown Apps

The app packs a massive range of stunning themes to match the mood of the event. The latest DayCount widgets enable quicker access to top events and can also customize according to your taste.

It can remember all the upcoming events & appointments and notify you when you want and tracks time. Also, you can use it as a habit-forming application to achieve set goals and make positive habits.

Download: DayCount


With an Apple Watch, iPad, macOS & iMessage app in its arsenal, Countdown° monitors all your devices in the loop flawlessly. It is the best app for all the organizational-fanatics as you can easily create custom categories and then sort reminders.

You can repeat event cycles, get a daily notification, personalize reminders, and also import events from the iOS Calendar app. Also, it boasts biometric protection or pattern lock to keep your data secure from evil eyes.

Download: Countdown°

Event Countdown – Calendar App

Event Countdown

Another feature-packed app that doubles as the best reminder app and can count up or down up to the last second. Also, you can add color-code or notes to your occasion according to their need.

You can easily share your events on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, or Email. If you have the premium variant, you can then assign an icon to the event, from over 450 amazing options.

Cost: Free (Premium Yearly Subscription – $2.49)

Download: Event Countdown – Calendar App


Certainly, it is not difficult to measure time in minutes or months, you want heartbeats! That’s right. It offers an array of countdown units, this application can also maintain a timer in average heartbeats it will take.

Not just this but also you can use personal pictures, customize font colors & fonts, and also modify the music for every countdown. You can also set a reminder on your mobile or share the live countdown on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Well, in short, it provides all the options you might want.

Cost: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)

Download: Countdown

Vacation Countdown App


As its name suggests the app is designed for your vacations or trips. It monitors the exact date and time until you start your journey.

Move into the groove using a custom background or an amazing countdown style with an innocent suitcase icon. And also get a special daily vacation quote to excites you.

Price: Free (Remove ads – $2.99)

Download: Vacation Countdown App

Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)

A feature that spices up this app is the built-in calendar planner. The calendar directly syncs and adds special events from Facebook’s or iOS calendar. Not just this but also it helps in your holiday plans by adding national holidays from countries around the globe.

As and when an event occurs, the smart reminder alerts you more frequently, so you don’t forget it. The applications also have a huge collection of pictures packs and Instagram-like filters to make it more stunning.

Days • Event Countdown

Days • Event

The app is designed with more care and attention, Days is a simple to use, minimal, and intuitive app. It allows you to browse through Unsplash’s gallery to search for the best background for your countdown.

Also, its beauty can also be observed again and again with an amazing widget and full-screen occasion. Also, you can set them to repeat weekly or monthly.

Download: Days • Event Countdown

Countdowns – Track Events

An amazing perk with this application is that you get infinite configuration options. Whether the countdown style or changing the direction indicators on/off, everything can easily set according to your taste.

Also, the app even allows you to set a custom internal for any recurring countdown. Well, with a widget, the app can support a compact display mode and custom alerts to make things quite simple and handy for users.

Download: Countdowns – Track Events


Whether you are too busy or just can’t remember dates, there is an easy solution to synchronize all your occasions or special events. Which of these countdown apps do you prefer to handle it all without a hiccup?

Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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