CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps in Windows

Well, just like we humans have priorities in our life; the computer system also has its priority system for apps actually. If you guys are a Windows user, then you also aware of Task Manager. That allows users to check and find all of the running applications in the background actually. You would only find a few of the Applications that you guys are actually using. When you won’t have any idea about the other processes that are showing up in Task Manager. We are going to discuss CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps in Windows.

CPU Priority is actually one of the complex processes of your PC. It is decided by your processor when your computer is performing different tasks actually. Now if you check your task manager or ever-checked it before you have seen that a lot of processes and services are running which you have not open as well. So what actually are these processes?

Windows is actually a collection of thousands of small processes, and some of them are especially necessary and some of the processes are not so crucial for functioning actually. Windows has its priority levels that you have to adjust as there are so many factors that affect windows services as well. However, windows will set their priority levels and adapt run Windows Apps smoothly as well. But, many of the time these process relies on which chip you are using and time is taken in order to run Windows Apps services as well.

What is Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground?

We can describe CPU Priority as the importance or power provided via the CPU to a Service or Program running in a particular system actually. Now according to Microsoft, these priority levels are basically fixed. The priority levels basically range from the highest priority process which to the lowest priority (generally background Apps). Windows uses 32 priority levels as well, which ranges from 0 through 31. These values are divide up as follows:

  • Sixteen real-time levels (16 through 31)
  • Fifteen variable levels (1 through 15)
  • One system-level (0), that is reserved for the zero page thread

It is really important to note that, Giving a process a higher priority won’t make it go faster actually. Your programs will never use more CPU time than they need (or up to 100% obviously). It just means that if you have two processes that both want CPU time, the one along with a higher priority will get it actually.

CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps in Windows

Adjust Foreground Apps via Control Panel

After you sign in to Windows 10 with administrator or account along with administrative privileges. Tap on Windows + X to open the Quick Access Menu. Press the Control Panel option in the menu in order to open Control Panel.

  • First, you have to navigate to “System Properties settings” via Control Panel.
    • Tap on System and Security in Control Panel and click on System in the “System and Security” window as well.

cpu priority to prefer foreground

    • Well, in the next System window, press the Advanced system settings option in the left pane in order to open the System Properties dialog actually.
  • Change the Performance settings for foreground apps.
    • Tap on the Advanced tab in the System Properties dialog, and then press Settings under Performance.

cpu priority to prefer foreground

    • Well, in the pop-up Performance Options dialog, press the Advanced tab again. And you have to check Programs to “Adjust for best performance of Programs“.
    • Tap on Apply and then OK to finish.

Mostly this option is set by default, so generally, you guys do not need to change it and your Windows has been optimized to prefer apps actually.

However, if you want to adjust the best performance for foreground apps, then you could also follow way 2 via registry editor.

Change the DWORD value to prefer foreground apps in Registry Editor

  • Tap on Windows + R keys, type Regedit in the Run box, and then click on Enter to open the Registry Editor.
  • Now you have to navigate to the following registry key in Registry Editor.

cpu priority to prefer foreground

Note: The PriorityControl key basically defines the foreground vs. background priority differential. And the possible default values for Win32PrioritySeparation are REG_DWORD 0, 1, or 2 actually. That specifies the priority in order to give to the application running in the foreground.

  • You have to change the value of Win32PrioritySeparation to make foreground apps perform the best.

Double-tap on the Win32PrioritySeparation in the right pane of Registry Editor. And you guys can see its value data is 2 now. If you need to adjust the best performance of Windows for foreground apps. Then just set the Value data as 26.

Tips: Suppose you guys want to adjust the best performance of Windows for background processes or services, you can also set the Value data as 18.

cpu priority to prefer foreground

As it does not mean that you must select “Adjust for best performance of programs”. Such as, if you use your PC as a server or if you constantly have to run background services. Like printing or disk backup etc, and you actually want them to respond faster. You guys can also share processor resources equally between background and foreground programs via selecting the other option, ie. Adjust for best performance of Background Services or changing Win32PrioritySeparation value data as 18 actually.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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