Different Ways To Fix Google Meet Forever Loading Issue

Do you want to fix the Google Meet forever loading issue? Rather than playing catchup with the Zoom likes and MS Teams in the start, Google Meet has gained a lot of ground over the last few months. However, Google’s decision made the service more accessible to lots of passionate Google users.

Also, Google Meet can execute straight from a browser window, the difficulty of installing and executing a separate app has also been ignored. Also, Google Meet emerge as the best video conferencing option for most.

Sometimes the service can’t always manage to live up to the billing and reported unexplained delays or loading screens. Also, delays or pauses are quite common with Chromebook users, which is very surprising or annoying.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the problem and helps you to get rid of the irritating loading screen problem in Meet.

‘Forever loading’ Issue – Reason

If you’re jam on the loading display screen, waiting forever to view the “Connecting” icon won’t spin. Then in this weird situation, you could ask yourself the question: “what is the reason behind this culprit?” Well, it’s difficult or maybe even possible to analyze the exact cause of the problem. But we also believe the whole thing hinges on botched connectivity.

On Google Meet, when you’re calling to host a meeting, it examines all the network or hardware requirements before initiating the session. If all the cracks under pressure, the session can’t starts, and Google Meet remain stuck or jam on the “Connecting” screen. In this pathetic situation, we could fix the problem— through the trial and error technique.

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Different Ways To Fix Google Meet’s Issue

There are different ways we can try to fix it. We’ll be starting with the most basic method. So, just mark all the boxes along the way.

Google Meet Issue

Check Wi-Fi Connection

If it’s a connection issue, then check off an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Well, connectivity problems occur due to a spotty Wi-Fi connection.

So, before moving down the list, you must troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection. Just head over to a video streaming website and then play a video or two to view if they are playing without any issue.

Restart Your Desktop PC

Yes, this fix, too, very basics but they are also causing issues and we don’t bother it. So, without much ado, disable your PC, let it cool down for a few minutes, and then again switch it on.

Even lots of difficult issues or problems tend to get resolved with a restart.

Replug Camera

If you are facing webcam issues then it is also the most common culprit related to video calling/conferencing. Google Meet has been infamous for being plagued by the issue. So, it might be best to unplug your camera and again connect it to view if it modifies anything.

If you’re using a PC and don’t need an external webcam, you could then uninstall your webcam driver and again restart the PC to reinstall the driver again.

Use Another Device

The connectivity problem has mostly been common on Google’s own Chrome OS. So, we recommend you to try another device. Head over to Google Meet’s official portal and initiate a meeting. If it all goes to plan, your meeting should be up and executing in no time.

Perform Powerwash

As the heading implies, this method is for Chromebook users, only. If you’re using Windows or Mac, then ignore this step.

A Powerwash pretty is like a factory reset for Chromebooks. However, it means that all your personalization or files and are erased once you perform it. If you’re still not unsure about trying your luck, follow the instructions below to perform a Powerwash.

Initially, you want to sign out of your Chromebook. Now, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r and restart your PC. In the box that pops up, you want to choose ‘Powerwash’ and then tap ‘Continue.’ Follow the on-screen instructions. Then log in to your Google account, and then finalize the reset. Once it’s completed, follow the steps to set up your Chromebook.


These were different ways through which you can fix Google Meet ‘Forever loading’ issue. If you want to share any other method to fix the issue then let us know below!

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