Different Ways To Fix iOS 14 Wifi Issues

Are you wondering to fix iOS 14 wifi issues? Certainly, you might have a difficult time getting Wi-Fi to work perfectly on your iPhone. Rather than being connected, websites or applications might not load. At times, it also becomes impossible for your device to join a network. So, here are some best solutions to resolve the WiFi not working problem on iPhone executing iOS 14 or 13.

  • Check the Router
  • Turn Off Wi-Fi and Reconnect
  • Enable and Disable Airplane Mode
  • Restart Your iPhone
  • Forget the Wi-Fi Network and Rejoin
  • Turn Off VPN
  • Update iPhone to the latest iOS
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Use Custom DNS
  • Contact Apple Support

Different Ways To Fix iOS 14 Wifi Issues:

Check the Router

Check the Router

The initial step is to make sure that you are within the wireless router range, and things are exact on this end.

Head over to the Settings app on your iPhone and click on Wi-Fi. Aslo, make sure you are attached to the right network. A blue mark before the name specifies that you are successfully connected. After this, click on ‘i‘ located next to the correct joined Wi-Fi name and enable the toggle for Auto-Join.

Note: Certainly, rather than of the actual network (office, home, etc.), your device might automatically join an open, non-working network that you probably want accidentally or intentionally connected in the past. If you like to address this, click on ‘i‘ located next to this internet name and disable the toggle for Auto-Join.

At last, and most importantly, restart the internet router. This is one of the simplest, surest, and instant method to resolve this problem. You might use the main switch or the power button to enable the router to disable it and enable it after a minute.

Fix iOS 14 Wifi Issues – Disable Wi-Fi & Reconnect

  • Head over to the Settings app and click on Wi-Fi.
  • Disable the toggle for Wi-Fi.
  • After a few seconds, click on the same switch to enable it.
  • Allow your iPhone to connect to the known network. Or, if required, click on the Wi-Fi name to join it. Input the Wi-Fi password, if asked.

Turn On & Off Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode-iOS 10 Wifi Issues

  • Head over to the Control Center: On iPhone with Face ID, scroll down from the screen’s top right. On versions with the Home button, move up under the screen.
  • Click on the airplane icon to turn it on.
  • After a few seconds, click on the same icon to turn it off.

Your iPhone automatically connects to an internet network, and things work perfectly. If required, connect to the Wi-Fi manually from the Settings app.

Fix iOS 14 Issues – Restart Your iPhone

This is an effective solution for fixing many iPhone network issues. After you restart the device, the RAM is wiped, broken tasks are reset, misbehaving applications get a fresh start, and much more. As a result, temporary issues get addressed.

Restarting involves disabling the device and then enable it back.

Forget Wi-Fi Network & Rejoin

Remember you know the Wi-Fi password before following the instructions below.

  • Head over to the Settings app and click on Wi-Fi.
  • Click on ‘i‘ located next to the joined network
  • Click on Forget This Network → Forget.
  • Mandatory but recommended: Restart your device.
  • Head over to the Settings app → Wi-Fi. Please click on the Wi-Fi name and input its password to reconnect.

Disable VPN

Disable VPN

You might face problems when VPN is successfully connected (in some situations, and with some websites or apps). To resolve this, disable the VPN using its apps. Or, head over to the Settings app and disable the toggle for VPN.

Update iPhone To The New iOS

It’s the best idea to have the latest variant of the OS. However, it ensures that you have recent features and new improvements. Thus for your experience just update your iPhone. After this, your Wi-Fi problems might be a thing of the past!

Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings-iOS 10 Wifi Issues

This will remove all the network settings on your iPhone such as stored Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices, VPN configurations, etc. and back up them to default. However, personal data such as pictures, videos, contacts, apps can’t be affected.

  • Head over to the Settings app and click on General.
  • Move to the end and click on Reset
  • Click on Reset Network Settings.
  • Input your device passcode and then confirm.

Use Custom DNS

None of the above fixes work for you? In this case, you might try to modify the DNS on your iPhone. This might resolve the issue of Wi-Fi not working, especially when you have issues accessing particular apps or websites.

Contact Apple Support

At last, when nothing looks to fix the issue, then contact the official Apple Support. You can also reach them through online call, chat, or also Twitter.


I hope you can easily resolve the issues and get Wi-Fi working again. You might also mention any extra trick that you have. If you have Wi-Fi issues with your Mac, our extensive article has you covered.

At last, I would propose that you check some latest iOS 14 related content. The new model has brought many features that you must not miss!

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