Different Ways To Fix WiFi Authentication Error

Do you want to fix the Wifi Authentication error? If yes, then you are in the right place. One day I tried to use my mobile to connect to a Wi-Fi network I’ve connected to before, but it fails. I had to set the password again as I did a factory reset on my mobile a while back. After entering a password and checking that my mobile was trying to connect, the only culprit was an “Authentication error”.

I notice that I was connecting to the correct network and enter the correct password. Still, that terrific message appeared. Did you also face this kind of issue? Here are some tips that you must try to get rid of the issues and reconnect.

Steps To Fix Wifi Authentication Error:

  • Airplane Mode
  • Reset Wifi Connection
  • Modify Wireless Network DHCP (default) To Static IP
  • Refresh Network Setting

Fix Error Via Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode

What happens when you turn on Airplane Mode is that all radio-frequency signal transmission on your mobile is disabled. You can also use WiFi, Bluetooth, or then make a phone call.

This is an essential tip as sometimes your smartphone network interferes with your mobile trying to connect to a Wifi.

To provide the airplane mode a try, all you need is to swipe down from the top of your display and disable the phone’s network and WiFi. Now, turn on airplane mode, and without disabling this last feature. Just move ahead and enable the WiFi option.

If your mobile connects to the WiFi network without any problem, then you can disable airplane mode. Just enable the Wifi and mobile network, and everything works fine.

Try To Reset Wi-Fi Connection

Reset Wi-Fi Connection

Certainly, resetting the WiFi connection could be the solution to all your problems. Removing the wireless connection and then try to connect it again. This is a trick that worked for many, and it will also work for you.

Step 1:

Head over to your device’s Settings.

Step 2:

Then click on WiFi.

Step 3:

For here just find the network you’re having an issue connecting to under WiFi Networks.

Step 4:

Long-hit on the network, either the SSID or name and you should then view a small window with different options to either forget the network or change network config.

Step 5:

Click on the Forget Network option and distance yourself from the router until you receive m only one bar signal.

Step 6:

After view that one bar, again connect to the network.

Modify Wireless Network DHCP (default) To Static IP

Set Static IP

Another cause why you’re having this network issue is that of an IP conflict. If that’s your situation, then the best solution is to modify the wireless network settings from DHCP (default) to Static IP.

Step 1:

You can instantly do this by moving to Settings and again moving into the WiFi option. Long-hit on the network until you view the same window as before. But this time click on change network config.

Step 2:

You can then click on the advanced options box and view the option saying DHCP. Once you click on it, there is only going to be one other choice that is your Static option. Choose it, and then you should view an IP address field.

Step 3:

Once it appears, just save the information you view in the static IP address field and remove it. Input in the same data again and click on save. Just add the information if you know that it’s the correct one. If you have any confusion, then call your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Refresh Network Settings

Refresh Network Settings

If the earlier options have failed, then it seems like you have no option but to refresh everything. It means you refresh the mobile network, Bluetooth, and wireless network together.

If you want to do this head over to Settings > Backup & reset > Network reset and click on Reset Settings. The process can’t take to time, but when it completes, you just try to log onto the network that’s providing your issues, and hopefully, you can connect.

Don’t fret about losing any confidential data. This will though, clear the data from all the connections you’ve ever made.


Here’s all about “Fix WiFi Authentication Error”. A times come when you don’t know the main cause of this issue, but here you have the fix to get rid of it. Hopefully, your authentication error doesn’t need to call an expert to fix it.

Did I miss a method that you use to resolve this issue? If so, share your suggestions in the comments.

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