Do you want to speed up Firefox in 2 minutes:

There are many browsers available to choose from for surfing internet. But no matter how good of a browser you use, they all can have issues. Sometimes they just get stuck and become slow and apparently for no reason. Sometimes they can just crash and we are going to tell you the reasons of crashing. We will also provide you with the solutions. Our focus is on how to speed up firefox in 2 minutes.

Firefox normally is very fast browser and used by million of users all over the world, but using simple techniques you can speed it up even more and solve it’s slowing down issue.

1)Updating Firefox:

Start by updating your browser to latest version. Mozilla is famous for releasing updates much more than any browser out there. That’s how it keeps improving it’s performance and effectiveness of the browser. For updating, launch Firefox, tap on right corner on the top and select ‘Help’.

speed up Firefox in 2 minutes

Choose ‘About Firefox’

speed up Firefox in 2 minutes

Hence, the browser is going to update automatically.

speed up Firefox in 2 minutes

Choose the ‘Restart Firefox’ button to let the process to end.

speed up Firefox in 2 minutes

Alas, You have got the recent version of this amazing browser.

2)Freeing up space or memory:

So next thing we are going to do is delete some of the space being utilized by the browser. Previously, there were many queries about Firefox using too much space of the system. It ends up slowing down the entire system and hence the browser. Well, most of it has been solved but still can cause issues in older machines.

To get over this, launch your firefox browser. Just write about memory in the address bar.

speed up Firefox in 2 minutes

You will see the page that seems like the following. As an advanced user, you can just use the reports given here.

speed up Firefox in 2 minutes

At last, just click that ‘Minimize Memory Usage’ button.

speed up Firefox in 2 minutes

You will then come across a message below each of those memory options that says ‘Memory minimization complete’ with date and time.

3)Clearing cache, cookies, and history:

So the final most step in our speed up tutorial is going to be deleting your cache, cookies, history, and other trivial things from the browser. You would be amazed how much memory these little things occupy-sometimes really fast, based on how much internet browsing you are doing every day. This slows down the browser so lets clear it all.

Initially, tap those three lines at the top to the right again. For now, select ‘Options’.

Tap on ‘Privacy and Security’ to the left side.

Drag down to ‘Cookies and site data’ and select that.

Tap on the Clear data button and you will come across a new box appearing with your options. Put an ex in both boxes and tap ‘Clear’.

After that, scroll down towards the page to the History section. Tap that Clear History button.

You have to select very carefully the items you want to clean in the box that pops up. I always choose to clean it all because there is nothing as important for me to keep.

After choosing, choose the time-frame of history to delete from the drop-down box. So you will have a choice between 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, the previous day, and everything. I advise selecting ‘Everything’ to maximize the speed up process.

When it is done with clearing, you can even select to have a browser never remember your History by choosing that option from the drop-down menu.

Hence, it’s all cleaned! Your Firefox browser will be much quicker now. If it is still not we have another option.

4)Disabling extensions:

So one or more of the enabled/installed browsers may be slowing the whole system down. I will start by disabling them first. For doing this, start by clicking those lines at the top again, then select ‘Addons’. Tap on extensions, on the left.

If you see each extension you have installed, you will come across three dots on the right. Tap those dots and select Disable adjacent to each one.

When you have free time, you can just keep re-enabling one extension at one time to know if it was the one that was draining and slowing the whole system down.

After all the extensions have been disabled, tap ‘Themes’ which is on the left side of the page.

We assured that the ‘Default Theme’ option is chosen. If you are using any other it is going to slow your browser down manifolds.

That’s it! All you need to know on how to speed firefox in 2 minutes.

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