Fix the Error Code 36 in Mac OS X Finder: Tutorial

Error Code 36 Well, guys on some scarce occasions when you try to copy files. Though the users of Mac probably experience “error code 36”, that entirely halts the copy. Or move the method in the Mac OS X Finder. Although the complete error is normally read as “The Finder can’t complete the operation. Because some data in “FileName” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)”. The filename is occasionally.DS_Store, but it is also able to occur with just about any file on a Mac as well.

Whether you guys run into the Error Code -36 on a Mac, so then there is normally a really simple solution so guys thanks to a complicated command-line tool which is known as the “dot_clean”. Whether you have never heard of dot_clean, so then you are definitely not alone, & also the manual page for the command states that it “merges ._* files with corresponding native files.” which probably not sound like much to the normal user. But given the frequent cause of Error 36 are file prefix with a dot. So guys that are also able to be exactly what you have to do.

Fix Error 36 in Mac OS X Finder with dot_clean

For using the dot_clean, you will like to point it at the directory though that is being copied. And also throwing the Error Code 36, the simple look like this:

  • First of all, you have to organize the Terminal (found in /Apps/Utilities/ or with Spotlight.
  • Simply at the command prompt, so then you must type:

dot_clean /Path/To/Directory/With/Problem/

  • Similarly, When dot_clean is completed, then you have to attempt the file copy again & it should succeed with no error code

For instance, whether copying ~/Documents/FileBackups/ is the problematic directory, use:

dot_clean ~/Documents/FileBackups/

However, that should be all that is essential in order to resolve the problem. Just you have to make sure simply to attempt the file/directory transfer instantly after the command is run.

Scientifically you could point dot_clean at a complete volume. But that is probably not essential unless the -36 error continuously triggers in Finder. At the time when trying to backup a whole drive manually.

Whether the issue is recurrent and then you guys get it always when they are trying to copy files to. And from a networked Mac, a network share, external drive of some kind, or to & from a Windows PC. you can also try to delete all.DS_Store files on a Mac using the command line. That you guys are also able to work as a temporary workaround whether for some reason dot_clean fails. That was basically what I had completed in the past to get around this & other same input/output error texts before discovering this particular command approach.

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Well, Guys! I just ran into this currently & found that dot_clean worked well in order to resolve Error Code -36. However, at the same time when copying a directory from a Mac with OS X 10.9.5 to a Mac with OS X 10.10.3 and as well as to a Windows PC. Though the real machine was, again and again, throwing the error. It appears as to whether this error also has had an uptick with Mac OS after all Sierra, El Capitan, & also the OS X Yosemite, probably be recommending some incompatibility with definite dot files from other OS versions. Far from some of the error weird error notifications in Mac OS X. A restart or Finder reboot did not do the trick. So a great thanks to JacobSalmela for the straightforward solution.

Use dot_clean via Terminal to solve error 36

In the rarest cases, Finder error 36 issues also cause by attempts. In order to transfer hidden system files like.DS_Store & others. That has the dot-underline addition within their names. Although just as explained above, these files straightforwardly have additional info &, so, no defect is completed to the original file whether you guys remove the hidden file. Though this is one of the better methods in order to solve error 36. Although, there probably many such hidden files.

So, guys, you should use the dot_clean command through Terminal, which clears all hidden files within the chosen directory. Organize the command line app just through Spotlight simply by pressing the keyboard shortcut of Command & Spacebar. So then you have to type Terminal & press return. When the app organizes, type ‘dot_clean’, then press Spacebar. Then drag-and-drop the folder being used in order to transfer the files (& also resulting in error 36). However, this way, Terminal will instinctively produce the location of the problematic file/folder. Al last, press Return to execute.

On the other hand, drag-and-drop, or manually so then type the location of the complete Volume to clean it all. This suggests whether you experience error 36. At the time when attempting to back up the volume. At a time when the Terminal process completes, so then you must try to move the exact folder to check whether error 36 has been resolved.

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In order to Scan your computer with Combo Cleaner

Whether the process listed above so they do not fix the Finder error 36. Your PC probably infected with a virus or malware. Or corrupted/junk files probably be causing this issue. For solving this issue, scan your PC with Combo Cleaner, which has two viruses that scan engines. And a disk cleaner feature. Though this software makes sure that the Mac is not infected with a virus or malware, & impulsively cleans junk files.


Whether this worked for you, or you guys also know of another trick in order to fix Error Code 36 in the Mac OS X Finder. So guys then let us know in the comments. Or if you face any issues or have any queries. Then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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