Fix the Error “Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning” with iPhone

 System is Not FunctioningSome users of Windows 10 also have been reporting an error message expressing “a device attached to the system is not functioning” at the time when iOS or iPadOS devices are connected to a computer. This error takes place when Windows is not able to properly communicate with your iPhone or iPad. Different reasons are there so that’s why this could happen all of a sudden.

Whether you are one of those affected utilizers, who do not fret. There you do not have to do anything extreme like reinstall Windows on PC just so far. In this guide, we will guide you via the different troubleshooting processes to fix the connectivity issue that you are facing with your iPhone & iPad and also the PC too. Yes guys this error is unique to Windows, it is not encountered on the Mac.

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Fix “Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning” Error on PC with iPhone / iPad

In this article we will be taking a look at five latent fixing steps to try and also resolve the “device attached to the system is not functioning” error. However, which you are getting, simply when sending photos to your PC.

Install / Update iTunes

Even whether you guys are not using iTunes in order to sync or back up your iPhone or iPad. So it is important to still have it installed for preventing the issues whilst transferring photos & also videos. Whether you are running a previous version of iTunes, so then that could very well be the cause for an issue too. So, guys you have to confirm your iTunes software is up to date by tapping on Help -> Check for further updates. System is Not Functioning

Update iPhone Driver on Windows

You are also able to manually update your iPhone / iPad drivers on your computer. And see whether it fixes your issue. For doing this, you have to search for device manager in Windows, you must have to right-click on your device listed just under portable devices. You must have to tap on “Update Driver”. Well, guys, you have to just check out our guide for step-by-step instructions, whether you are confused.

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Set Photos to Keep Originals

However, simply with the introduction of iOS 11, iPhone & as well as iPads by default use Apple’s HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File) format in order to store photos at reduced file size. Whilst sending them to PC, simply that they also change to the traditional JPEG format. Also by skipping the file conversion, though you could possibly fix this issue. Go to the Settings -> Photos -> Keep Originals to Confirm your device transfers the real files without checking for compatibility. System is Not Functioning

Reset Location & Privacy

However, when you guys connect your iPhone or iPad simply to a computer for the first time. So then you will also get a “Trust This Computer” prompt on your device. Whether you unexpectedly select to not trust for whatever cause, it could prevent you from transferring photos to your PC. Though you are also able to reset your location & also privacy settings for getting this prompt once more. When you guys connect it to your computer. This is also able to complete by heading to the Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location and Privacy. Next disconnect & reconnect your device just to the PC.

Use a Different USB to Lightning / USB Type-C Cable

Well, Apple’s lightning cables are also permitting to wear & tear over time. Occasionally you probably even have trouble charging your device. And also an “accessory probably not supported” error probably display. Though this also specifies that your cable probably indeed be defective. Thus must try using a different cable for seeing whether it resolves the problem.

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Try a Different USB Port to fix the Error “Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning” with iPhone

Though you have to just disconnect your device simply from the USB port it is connected to & also try a different port. So that the file transfer is not hindered due to a defective USB connection. Though this is a clearly straightforward trick that often fixes these types of errors.

Update iOS / iPadOS to the Latest Version

Occasionally updating the system software on iPhone or iPad simply is also able to solve the errors. However, that is expedient with connecting a device to a PC. Similarly, backup the device first, next you have to head to the Settings > General > Software Update & installing any available updates.

Alright guys whether nothing of the above process worked for you, so then try force restarting your iPhone or iPad. You could also try restoring the device from an old backup by using iTunes or iCloud. Although the problem is normally not with the iPhone or iPad.

Thus far, you guys should not see any kind of errors whilst trying to connect the device or transfer photos and videos to your Windows PC. You could also use the exact techniques whether your iOS device does not perceive by iTunes.

It looks like most iPhone & iPad users encounter this specific error so guys find it after connecting their devices to the PC for transferring photos and videos. For whatever purpose, the somewhat infrequent error stops you from just copying the image files to your Windows PC, consequently the need to troubleshoot the issue.

Are you guys also a Mac user? If yes so then you could have to try this potential troubleshoot whether your iPhone is not connecting to iTunes. Occasionally, a software update probably is mandatory before you are also able to use your device with iTunes just for backup or syncing.

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Error “Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning”- Conclusion

Well, we hope that you managed in order to fix this connectivity problem you were facing with your iPhone & iPad. However, which method worked for you? If you guys have any issues or queries so then you can ask us in the comments section. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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