Fix the issues: “Unknown error occurred” & “Mac can’t connect to iCloud”

 Unknown error occurredWhether you guys are a Mac user, so then you guys probably see the error, “This Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem”. Just along with this error, you will also directed in order to open iCloud preferences. However, when you head to the iCloud preference panel, so you probably be able to log into iCloud. Though, the others will also notice another error message, that specifies “An unknown error occurred”.

However, guys in some cases, the iCloud preference panel will simply free & prevent answering. That is because your Mac simply goes into an unlimited loop of login failures. Similarly, in this sort of situation, you will not be able to easily use any of the iCloud functionalities/servicabilities. That include Notes, Facetime, Messages, Calendars, Contacts & Mail.

However, some users of Mac probably encounter an error message expressing “This Mac not able to connect to iCloud because of a issue with [email protected]”, that then directs the user in order to open the iCloud preferences. At a time inside Mac iCloud preference panel, some utilizers probably be able to successfully log in to iCloud. But often another error is expereienced here that expresses “An unknown error occurred” simply when trying in order to login to iCloud on the Mac.


Occassioanlly the iCloud preference panel hardens & spins unending. At a time when these two error messages also have been expereinced, the Mac will generally be stuck in an infinite loop of iCloud login failures simply with an unending strange error. And the endless “problem” pop-up message, that stops all iCloud functionality from working just on the Mac adding Messages, FaceTime, Notes, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and all further iCloud related capabilities.

However, guys! this set of iCloud unknown errors & issues is not exactly rare. And it is also able to be notoriously quirky to fix. But the steps that are mention below should solve these types of iCloud login problems on a Mac whether they are seen.

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Fix the issues: “Unknown error occurred” & “Mac can’t connect to iCloud”

Well, this is a multi-component series of troubleshooting steps similarly, that will also fix most iCloud connection problems on Mac. Unknown error occurred

Check whether iCloud is Down or Not

However, the first thing that you should do is check whether iCloud is down and making sure that all Apple online services are also available.

Whether iCloud is down, so then you will have to wait till it is back up again before being able to fix the issue.

Important note: Whether iCloud was down simply but is now back up. Though guys there probably be a lingering connectivity problem due to caching. Or on the other hand in that case, proceed just with the steps mentioned below. And you are also able to likely resolve the connection difficulty.

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Check the Network Settings and Reset to Fix the issues: “Unknown error occurred” & “Mac can’t connect to iCloud” 

However, the next solution simply that you must consider providing a try is checking the network setting. And doing the necessary reset thing whether required.

Are you guys also facing poor Wi-Fi connectivity? Whether yes, this probably lead you to come across an iCloud error. In order to reset the network, that you should –

  • Now you have to find the ‘Settings’ option or application on the device.
  • Here you must have to look for the ‘General’ option in it & tap ‘Reset’
  • Now the step requires you to select “Reset Network Settings”.
  • Thus this will certify the network is reset.

Quit All iCloud Apps, Restart the Mac

Well, Guys! Next up is to quit out of every application which is using iCloud, so guys then this also includes the quitting Messages, quitting FaceTime, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, etc. Make sure to quit the System Preference application as well. Whether the applications are stuck or not responding, move ahead and their use Force Quit on the apps to quit them.

At a time when all of those apps have been exit, so then go ahead and reboot the Mac normally by going to the Apple menu and selecting “Restart”. Whether the Mac is frozen or declaring to restart, so then you can do a force reboot too.

Similarly, when the Mac boots back up once more as normally it do, so then don’t open any iCloud apps so far. Rather first head to the iCloud Preference panel ( Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud). And there you have to attempt to login to the Apple ID / iCloud account once more. At this point, the iCloud login should proceed normally. So guys in which case using Messages & FaceTime must work just without incident.

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To Remove iCloud Configuration Files

Well, Guys here We would like to tell you that this is unverified. But some utilizers in our comments also report that it can work to fix the iCloud connection problems in Mac OS. So you have to be sure you back up your Mac before attempting this procedure:

  • First of all just from the Finder, you have to select the “Go” menu. Choose the “Go To Folder” and then enter the following path:

~/Library/Application Support/iCloud/Accounts/

  • Now copy the files that are found in this location to the desktop or elsewhere that are able to also easily recover whether desire
  • Delete the files simply from the ~/Library/Application Support/iCloud/Accounts/ folder that it is empty
  • Restart the Mac

Moreover, in this step you will likely have to re-login to iCloud when the Mac restarts. You are also able to log out & back into iCloud. Whether things are still not working correctly in order to regenerate current Account data files.

Log out and Log in to iCloud

Whether you know that iCloud is online, so then you exit all iCloud apps and restarted, and you are still facing difficulties, you will like to log out of iCloud, restart, & also then log back in.

  • First of all head to the  Apple menu and open System Preferences, then select Cloud. Choose “Sign Out”.
  • Restart the Mac as usual.
  • At a time when the Mac also has booted back up again. So you have to return to the iCloud preference panel, and their login to the Apple ID normally.

Alright that should be enough to resolve the iCloud “Unknown error occurred” issue. The pop-up message expressing the Mac can’t connect to iCloud just because of a issue with the Apple ID.

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Fix the issues: “Unknown error occurred” & “Mac can’t connect to iCloud” – Conclusion

Well, I hope you like the guide. If you face any trouble or if you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comment section below. Guys! We will try to come back to you shortly!


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