Force Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 When Device is Not Responding

Reboot Note 9

Seldom has there been a recovery of a mobile phone that has been as incredible. As that of the Samsung Galaxy Note series after the ill-omened Galaxy Note 7. Whilst the Galaxy Note 8 was the best phone, and also the Samsung was still conventional. However, when it comes to pushing the hardware restrictions such as the battery size. But with the release of Galaxy Note 9, all of that has converted significantly. In this post, we are going to explain the way to Force Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 When Device is Not Responding

Anyway, the just reality that the Galaxy Note 9 is a beast of a smartphone by all standards. So then it would not be weird to expect that the device freezes or hangs once in a while. Similarly, with a non-removable battery in place, your only option to fix a Galaxy Note 9 that is not responding is using the force reboot option.

Device not responding error on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It doesn’t matter how big of a giant Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is in terms of hardware. Although it is also liable to occasional software snags. Mostly an app probably starts acting up, freezing the device. Other causes that could make your device act buggy may be incomplete update installations. Similarly, these kinds of errors are even more prominent in Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Although it is very stable. Thus the users probably also experience a black screen of death (BSOD) error on their Samsung device.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 not responding issue:

Usually when you experience any issue with your device. At that time a simple reboot is sufficient to solve the problem. But, whenever the device is not responding. At that time you are not able to reboot your device as you normally do. Since it also does not have a removable battery, you also cannot remove the battery to shut down the device. So, you have to force reboot the device to solve the issue. Thus the method is the same as of Galaxy S9.

Similarly, the force restart or hard reset, as the name recommends, that it force the device to reboot. However, you have to press a certain combination of keys to force restart your device. That probably occur differ from device to device. And for the Samsung devices, it is power and volume up buttons. So that when you press these buttons in the specific steps, the device will simulate a battery pull. And the memory will also be refresh, all running apps including background apps will close and the device functions will be reloaded.

Force reboot the Galaxy Note 9

Reboot Note 9

  • For this, you have to first of all press and hold the Power button and then also the Volume Down button impulsively till the device screen disables.
  • Whether the Galaxy Note 9 screen stays black and you are even unable to view. Whether it has disabled, keep holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons til you feel a vibration.
  • Now you have to just reboot. And for doing this you have to just press and hold the Power button until the screen enables. You should shortly feel a vibration indicating that the Galaxy Note 9 is booting up.

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The recent Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is absolutely one of the most beastly devices out in the market. But whether you think that with its insanely powerful chipset, Octa-core CPU, GPU, and 6GB/8 GB of RAM. It won’t face any errors, and then you are woefully mistaken. Although it is as permitting to erratic act due to buggy apps or updates as other smartphones. So, whether you ever find yourself in this type of condition that your device stops responding and freezes. So at that time you can force restart it. Hence the method to force restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device is mentioned above in this post.

Well, we are also hopeful that this guide will help you. In case of questions, you can ask us in the comments below.

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