Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging Procedure

The Wireless Charger Convertible (sold separately) provides you the option of using it as a pad or a stand. So that you can either give your phone a rest when it charges. Or continues watching videos and browsing through propping it up against the stand. And along with the Wireless Charger Duo, you are able to charge two devices all at once, like your phone and your Galaxy Watch Active2, or your phone and a friend’s as well. We are going to discuss the Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging Procedure.

Do you want to learn how can you charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note8 phone wirelessly? Our tutorial will definitely help you.

Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging Procedure

Wireless charging technology is basically built right into the Galaxy S8 or Note8. That means that you do not have to purchase a wireless charging case just like you would with other phones. But, you should be careful not to purchase a really thick case as it may not allow wireless charging to work actually.

I actually purchased a thick Otterbox Defender case for my Note 8. And I have to place it just right on the wireless charger for it to work as well.

galaxy s8 wireless charging

What do you need to charge wirelessly?

The Galaxy S8 and Note8 both of them actually support the Qi and PMA wireless charging standards. So you will just have to purchase a Qi/WPC or PMA charging pad and be able to charge your phone wirelessly as well.

Although most of the users use many brands of chargers, Samsung recommends that you purchase a Samsung branded charger actually. They say that charging speed and performance may be affected if you guys do otherwise. Samsung sells a wireless charging pad that is Qi-compatible that many Samsung Galaxy users have purchased and it also works fine in our testing.

When you have your charging pad, just simply plug it in (mostly using the power cable included with your phone). And you are ready to simply place your device right on the center of it and then start charging away.


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