Get the Google Photos Video Editor in Desktop

Well, in 2017, Google rolled out an update that actually introduced a new and much-enhanced video editor for users of the famous Google Photos app. But, the only limitation to the iOS fraternity. Along with the update, iPhone and iPad users of the Photos app were able to easily see and also use the basic controls to edit multiple videos in a timeline. Something that pretty much-made Photos the better movie editor if compared to other editors at the time. We are going to discuss Get the Google Photos Video Editor in Desktop.

Well, over a year down the line and these actually changes are now live in the Google Photos app for Android users on version and above that. Even after you guys install the latest version, you also may not see the changes until you restart the Photos app. Well, on the brighter side, edited movies can still be opened on older versions of the app and in the process, and then activate the new movie editor as well.

Get the Google Photos Video Editor in Desktop

Well, creating a movie with your smartphone footage can be really tricky. You might sync the files to your PC and then edit with Windows Movie Maker (or iMovie if you are using a Mac). Well, Linux has its fair share of video editors, too.

However, if your smartphone or tablet is already capable of editing movies together. Then what is the point of a desktop app?

This is the approach that is taken by the developers of the Google Photos app. That has an excellent movie editor built-in. Capable of creating movies when you sleep from the clips in your library. Or it also letting you do the hard work, it is available absolutely free to iOS and Android users.

Basically, if you guys have the Google Photos app (available free from your mobile app store). Then you have the movie editor. Want to find out more about that?

How can you access the movie editor in Google Photos?

Just like many other Google apps, Photos is a really easy and simple-to-use app right from the onset. If you are already familiar with the app (that we presume you are) or not. Then you will have an easy time finding the movie editor whenever you want it.

google photos video editor

In order to access the movie editor, fire up the Google Photos app, and in the top right corner, click on the three-dot menu. Now in the list of options, click on the “Movie” option, and a new window titled “Create movie” will open actually. This is where you guys can choose the photos and/or videos you want to edit and also add them to the movie editor.

In short, if you guys are planning to make movies with Google Photos, make sure you keep your shots’ orientation consistent. Otherwise, you can also end up with some very jarring cuts actually. For the best results overall, but, stick with a landscape orientation as well.

How can you create and edit movies via Google Photos?

It’s such an easy thing in order to create and edit movies on Google Photos. If you want to create a movie from photos and/or videos as well. The app lets you do so in just a few easy steps as shown below.

  • Picking up from where you guys left off in the section above, click on the “+” icon to choose pictures and videos you want to be featured in your movie (more than 50 files). And then click on “Create” in the top right-hand corner of your screen as well.
  • A movie editor will then open along with all the selected media files listed below the video itself.
  • As we pointed out earlier, the updated Photos app, unlike in the past, basically shows the basic controls for each and every photo or video in the movie right below the editor. (Just like indicated by the arrow in the right-hand side screenshot above). It’s from this section that you can decrease or increase the duration each photo or video is featuring in the movie.
  • On each and every photo or video, you guys have three dots to the right, where clicking on them opens a list of options. That basically lets you add another clip (photo or video), duplicate the current one, or delete it from the movie. In the case of a video, you guys get more editing options: show the whole video, hide trimmed portions, and mute as well.

google photos video editor


  • At the rock bottom of the list of clips featured in the movie is basically an option in order to “Add photos and videos.” Click on this and you guys will be able to add more files to your movie.
  • The app actually assigns a default background audio to the created movie. Click on the audio icon and you will have options to customize the sound to something that you want (My music). Or select from the many alternatives pre-built into the app under Theme music. You guys also have the option in order to mute background music in the video.
  • When you do the editing, then cllick “Save” in the top-right corner of your screen and that’s all.

Create Awesome Movies On IOS Along With Google Photos

If you guys are using an iPhone or iPad, then the principle is the same for the creation of movies. However, there are some notable differences too.

Begin through choosing your video clips (and pictures, perhaps). A long tap will then turn on selection. Dragging your finger diagonally will turn on the selection of additional files. Whenever you guys are happy along with the selection. Then just tap on the + button, then choose Movie in the Create new menu.

This is where the iOS app basically begins to differ from the Android offering. You guys will notice that the files are downloaded from your Google Photos unlimited cloud storage. There, however, they are displaying in a timeline. Movie editing apps have actually long used timelines — they make it really easy to see what’s going on.

If you are happy with the automatically-created movie, then you can tap on Save. You guys will then be able to share finished videos through your favorite social apps on your iPhone or iPad as well. Information (i) can also be seen for the edited file too. If you are not happy with the movie, but, you might want to Delete it. The menu in the top-right will let you Download the finished movie to your phone or tablet as well. Or Add to an album in your Google Photos cloud storage too.

And if you guys are not happy with the automated edit and want to change it, then there’s the Edit button as well.

Edit And Trim Your Movie Clips

Well, trimming, discarding, or adding a new clip in Google Photos movie editor on iOS is really simple. Review the video first, and then make a note of what you want to change. You will notice as the video plays that the clips are highlighted in turn actually. And also the portion of the footage used in the compiled video is highlighted with start and finish placeholders as well.

In order, to alter the trim, simply drag the placeholders so that the footage that you want to see in the movie is selected. Want to delete the whole clip? You can press the three dots at the end of each row and display the menu, where you guys will find the option to Remove.

google photos video editor

Also in this menu are the options in order to Hide trimmed portionsMute audio. (You can do this is done by default, but disable if you want your video audio to play along with the chosen soundtrack) and Insert clips. You can also Duplicate a clip as well.

This last option is really useful if you have a five-second portion of a clip selected in the timeline. However, want to add another portion from the same clip. Then just simply duplicate the clip, and choose the additional footage!

Edit Audio And Styles (Or Not)

If you dissatisfy along with the preselected audio, then you can press the note icon. In order to select music from your device (My Music) or from the royalty-free library (Theme music) as well. Also, an option is No music, in order to hear only the audio in your clips. (Useful if you guys are an amateur movie maker, perhaps).

Unlike the Android version, but, it is not possible to apply a theme or Instagram-style filter to your movie actually. This basically seems a striking omission, one that will hopefully resolve in future updates as well.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “google photos video editor” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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