Google Map Street View Not Working _How To Fix It?

Street View Not Working

Most of the time google map Street View Not Working. Each and every person that uses the smartphone are familiar with google map. Also, Google Maps is one of the most popular GPS and navigation apps in the world. Then you can rely on Google Maps in order to navigate it. By using your way through a new city we can get recommendations in order to visit various points of interest and then so on.

This is one of the most useful Google Maps features is the Street View option. Due to this, you can also use it to view the real images of the places that you are going to visit in order to get your bearings easier.

In case, if your Google Maps would not show the street view. Then there are some of the troubleshooting steps that you can pursue. Due to this, you can also fix this problem on PC or Android, and iOS.

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Steps to Fix the Google Map Street View Not Working:

To Check if this is not a known issue:

In case, if the Street View stopped working all of a sudden it. Then you can also update your Google Maps app. Also, this could be due to a code bug or glitch.

You just have to check it and then if other users can report the same problem. It is also possible that Google has already officially acknowledged the issue.

Now the latest Google Map that updates and it may sometimes break off some of the features of the app. Most importantly this is on Android or iOS. In this case, you can also try reverting it to an older app version. Then you can also use Google Maps in offline mode in order to check if this solves the problem.

Street View Not Working Then Check if Street View is available in your area

By using Google Maps Street View it is not available in all the regions. Then there are even areas of major cities where this feature is not available. Most of the users can’t utilize interactive panoramas in order to navigate their way through the city.

It is also possible that there is absolutely no problem with your Google Maps app. You just have to check if the Street View feature is now available in your area.

You just have to keep in mind that there are many places that can still have limited or no Google Maps coverage.

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Use Points of Interest If Street View Not Working

This is another thing that you can do is to use Points of Interest. In order to get the Street View from there.

By using the Points of Interest (POI) that are places that may attract many potential visitors. It also includes parks, schools, museums, government buildings, business centers, and many other areas.

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Way to see POIs on Google Maps:

  • First of all, you have to open Google Maps and then search for a specific place or address
  •  Now you have to click on the Nearby and then select the places. So, you would like to search such as parks, restaurants, etc.
  • Then hit the Search button and also the Google Maps. So, that it will also display all the nearby POIs. Now you can click on the Street View that can yellow man icon and then check on it if the issue is gone.

By speaking of which this did you know that you can also create and share custom Google Maps? In this case, if the map that you are looking at is personalized in order to your needs and then it can include all the POIs that you want to visit. Then the navigation experience will be much smoother.

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To use the Google Search bar to access Maps:

Most of the users can work on it. Then there is a way that is around this issue just by accessing Google Maps in their browser. In order to do this, you have to type your current location in the Google search bar and then select the Maps section of the results page.

Then you did that and feel free to drop a pin. This is anywhere that you like in order to get an image of the respective area or place.

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To Use an alternative app:

In this case, if nothing can work and then you can switch to an alternative GPS and also to the navigation app. By most of the apps that are below are even better than Google Maps to some extent.

Then you need a GPS app that you are driving. You have to try Waze then the app that is available in your region. Now the app is funnier in order to use than Google Maps thanks to its social features. So, you can also alert the other Wazers about various road events, speed traps, and so on.

Also, if you need an alternative Google Maps app on PC. Then you have to try it by using MapQuest or BingMaps.

Another app is MapQuest that can offer accurate directions. This is as well as information about traffic and one button location information about parks. By using the hospitals, and other such points of interest.

Using the BingMaps is another excellent GPS can navigation app. So, it can also offer multiple map layers. Most of the features are available on Google Maps. It can also contain that it is available on BingMaps. Although, the mobile can support that is not available.

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Most of the Google Maps that can feature that is such as Street View. It may sometimes fail to work properly. Also, this issue can cause it by code glitches, and then it should not take long until Google patches them. Then you can rely on Google Maps in order to navigate it. By using your way through a new city we can get recommendations in order to visit various points of interest and then so on. This is one of the most useful Google Maps features is the Street View option

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