Got an Older Mac? On Old Unsupported Macs MLPostFactor also Installs OS X 10.8.3

MLPostFactorWell, many previous Macs miss out on the capability in order to run OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3!). But some diligent fellows have made a free third-party tool known as the MLPostFactor that permits for the current version of OS X to be installed on older, formally unsupported Macs. The procedure used to quite complex. But with the MLPostFactor it’s straightforward than ever & can now be completed by creating a partition, managing the MLPF application, installing OS X as normal. Next using the MLPostFactor application again to patch the ‘failed’ installation. Restart & impulsively OS X Mountain Lion will also be managing on the older Macs, breathing new life into older hardware.

Got an Older Mac? On Old Unsupported Macs MLPostFactor also Installs OS X 10.8.3

However, this also makes for a superb weekend project. Whether you guys take interest in trying this out yourself. Simply review the compatible previous Mac list to view whether the machine you like to install is supported.

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MLPostFactor Compatible Macs

  • Mac released from 2006 to 2008 with Core 2 Duo CPU & Lion installed – PPC, Core Duo, & Core Solo chips are not supported
  • MacBook late 2006, 2007, and 2008
  • MacBook Air, mid-2007
  • iMac 2006
  • Mac Mini 2006
  • Mac Pro 2006, 2007
  • Xserve 2006, & early 2008
  • MacBook Pro late 2007 and mid-2007

The needs are primarily such that whether it helps Lion, though it will now support Mountain Lion. Do note that some of the previous Mac Pro & Xserve models have appropriate GPU requirements too. Simply to be sure in order to read the full MLPostFactor tutorial just before starting in order to determine whether there is anything incompatible with the appropriate Mac model you are viewing to install this on.

Whether you guys meet the requirements, so then you guys will also have to download the MLPostFactor application, re-download Mountain Lion from the App Store, &, preferably, make an installer drive as to whether you were going to do it a clean install on a regular compatible Mac.

Though your older Mac does not fit the compatibility list, so guys you do not feel worse. But try out some tips in order to speed it up instead to breathe some new life into it. It won’t be running a recent OS. But at least it will be a little bit quicker.

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Well, I hope that you guys like the guide if you have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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