Hide Chrome Suggested Articles on iPad, iPhone and Android

Hide Chrome Suggested ArticlesWell, Guys! You do not get me wrong! However, the Chrome remains my favorite web browser across platforms (from macOS to Windows & also from iOS to Android). But guys there are some certain things forexample “Article suggestions”. Though that have often force me to look for Chrome alternatives. However, when I head to the new tab, lots of suggested articles also seem to clutter the entire interface. Whilst some of the suggested stories do attract my attention most of them also looks to be redundant. And that is precisely what led me to explore a method to hide Chrome suggested articles on iPhone and Android.

Whether you guys also prefer to have a clean tab, jump right in as I show you the way in which you can disable article suggestions in Chrome straightforwardly. Well, Guys in this guide you will learn the way to hide Chrome Suggested Articles on iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Hide Chrome Suggested Articles on iPhone & Android

Chrome provides a simple way to disable the article recommendations on iOS (& iPad) devices. But surprisingly, the web browser does not give a native feature to turn off this feature on Android devices. Though just for a reason best known to Google. Although, there is no any need to be disappointed as there is a straightforward workaround in order to get over the line. Simply having tried this hack on my Android device. And I am also able to vouch for its reliability. That said, let’s get going!

Disable Chrome Suggested Articles on iOS and iPadOS

Important Note: Here you have to confirm to have the current version of Chrome running on your iPad or iPhone. Visit the App Store and click the updates in order to testify if Chrome also has a new update waiting for it.
  • Organize the Chrome, click the List icon and choose the Settings option.Hide Chrome Suggested Articles
  • Now on the Settings screen, you must have to drop down to the Advanced section. Simply you should view a new toggle labeled Article Suggestions.
  • Click to disable it.

However, that should protect suggested articles. But wait! Whether you guys also previously had the Site. Search Suggestions option disabled as a workaround to turn off suggested articles, so then you guys still have to manually turn it on to get your Omnibox suggestions back. Whether not, only skip the following step.

  • Click the Privacy on the Settings screen – it’s located just above Article Suggestions. Underneath the Web Services, you must click the toggle next to Search & Site Suggestions to enable it. At last, click Done to save the changes.

Furthermore, you should no longer view the suggested articles & suggested searches should work brilliently within the Omnibox.

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Disable the Chrome Article Suggestions Using Chrome Flags on Android

Whether you guys are using the Android, so then you won’t have the luxury of a built-in option in order to get rid of suggested content just without turning off the Omnibox suggestions in the method. Though you guys are also able to use a workaround that involves turning off a Chrome flag.

However, the Chrome flags are also known to fix quite a few riddles. And guess what, they have lived up to the mark for clearing the recommended stories too

  • First of all you have to head to the Chrome app on your Android device. Next enter the chrome://flags into the URL bar and hit Return/Go.
  • Here you must type in #enable-ntp-remote-suggestions into the search bar & hit Return again.
  • Then click on the drop-down menu located underneath the Show Server-Side Suggestions and select Disabled.
  • At last you should click on Relaunch Now to apply the changes. Though the Chrome will also reboot to bring the conversions into effect instantly. Going ahead, whenever you head to the app, those un wished articles will no longer be all over the place (as you guys are able to see in the image below).

Keep Chrome’s Undesired Articles Hidden Away…

However, that’s an pretty sraightforward way to deal with Chrome’s suggested articles. And also stop them from cluttering the entire interface. Such as many of you, I also ponder that, why Google does not provide a simple way to turn off this feature in the Android version of the application. Well, Hopefully, the search giant gets it right sooner than later. Btw, if you have you any feedback for us so then share it with us in the comments below.

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