How Can I Add Bots To Discord Server

Are you ready to add bots to the discord server? If you want to add some spice to the discord community then you can do with voice channels or text. So what other alternatives are there? Well, let me introduce to you the amazing discord bots. There is a huge variety of bots that you can easily implement on your server. They can do lots of things from organizing your channels to adding fun games your server members can play. There are also bots that can point or money systems. The choices are endless.

In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of adding a bot to your server. I will cover some best sites you can find bots on. Bots are created by the discord community, so they all function in a different way and are managed differently. Here, I’ll use a basic, and the most popular bot to provide you a basic understanding of how they function on discord. Before we move further you must know what is Discord?

What is Discord?

Discord Server

Discord was created to help you to communicate perfectly through private servers which enables you to voice chat or text with other players. The app also works on your PC or your smartphone. Also, it makes it easy to stay connected no matter which type of game you’re currently playing. Discord combines a general chat lobby with text boards AND the main VoIP client all in one brilliant app that can’t tie up all of the space on your mobile or PC.

Discord provides lots of essential features that it provides its users to make navigating the software smoothly. It can add bots that moderate your server, or can easily organize your server to look how you would like. There are infinite possibilities. Also, in a simple or easy text channel users can easily able to remove unwanted texts, alter permissions and etc.

The pinning feature is very amazing. This feature enables you to add some text messages to a list of choose pinned messages. However, it means that whenever you like to view that text again you don’t want to move back up in the main text channel. You just want to do is to access the list of pinned text messages and move through the much shorter list. Now take a look at Discord Bots:

What do you know about Discord Bots?

A bot is a type of program which functions automatically according to user needs. Discord is filled with bots, so you have to choose the best one.

Bots are essential as they work quicker compared to us. Assume we like to erase all spam comments or profiles, then we develop the bots to do it faster. There are lots of types of bots for different purposes, such as maintaining the community, playing music, helping the user.

Add Bots To Discord Server – From Where To Find Discord Bots

bot list

There are lots of resources out there that provide the complete lists of discord bots. Just doing an instant Google search of “Discord bots” will bring you to lots of sources. Below, you’ll find some sites I’ve used so you can have a complete list of trusted sources.

This website has probably the biggest library and neat look I’ve seen. I would suggest using bots that have quite a bit of following. This site provides a very helpful or long list of bots. You can also filter these bots for particular features you’re searching for as well.

This is a website I’ve used many times. The thing that comes up when you first search “discord bots” and it provides lots of amazing bots for you to use. The only problem here is some of the bots don’t always work quite well and are difficult to navigate. It takes error or trial when searching for a good bot, and there are lots of different types of bots you can add to your server.

This website is very helpful as it provides popular bots. Many of the ones mentioned on this site I have used in the past, and enjoy a bit. The first bots mentioned on the site are the most efficient and easy to use bots I’ve encountered, which is very helpful when you’re new while using bots.

Discord Bots List:

The technique of adding a bot is quite similar to whether the bot is different. So you don’t have to fret if you want to add another bot, then choose another bot and follow the same technique listed above. As we have discussed, every bot work is different so it might not satisfy your requirements, that’s why here are some other popular bots below.

  • Pancake – It supports different features such as chatting but the primary function, or we can say that it works for which the bot is prepared is music playing. However, it can also do another task too.
  • MedalBot – This bot is for those who like to record their game clips. So the bot helps you to record game clips.
  • Dank Memer – As the name recommends memer the bot is linked with meme-making. It has many memes that you can use to reply to your community. It responds to a conversation with a meme that can be fun.
  • Groovy – If you are a music lover, then this bot will be quite helpful for you. This bot is linked with youtube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.
  • Mantaro – This is the best bot in all the given bots. It is a completely customizable bot. It means you can modify it according to your requirements.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server

How To Add Bots To Discord Server

Now if you want to get into actually adding these bots to your server. This process is quite easy or simple, however, the difficult part comes when you’re trying to use the bot. We will cover that soon. If you know how to get the bot into your server so you can start using it and getting more comfortable with it. It’s the best idea to make a test server to get a feel for how bots function. You can also view the bot command list and make sure these commands work in your text channels.

Invite Bot

The initial step is locating the bot you like to add to your server. For instance, I’ll try to use the MEE6 bot as it is the most commonly used bot and can be used for different purposes. The bot you like to add depends completely on the features you’re searching for. So remember that whatever bot you’re using can do what you intend it to do. There should be a choice on the bot’s info card to see a full description of its feature. I’d recommend tapping that and going over the page to get a feel for what your bot can do.

Step 1:

Now that you’ve selected the bot of your choice. Now it’s time to add it to your server. You’ll want to tap the button saying Add to Server.

Step 2:

Once you’ve chosen Add to Server a discord page appears providing you the ability to select which server to add the bot to. You’ll need to tap this drop-down menu and choose the required server, then tap continue.

Step 3:

The other page will ask you to authorize the bot to have some permissions that allow it to function. You’ll just want to choose ‘Authorize’ in the below list to continue.

Step 4:

Once you’ve tapped Authorize, a page will ask you to check that you’re not a robot, and then you’re all set! Now the bot is in your server and ready to be utilized.


Here’s all about ‘Add Bots To Discord Server’. Now you should try to experiment with the bot and get comfortable using it. Some bots informative pages will provide you with a command list. If you want to ask anything else about bots then let us know below!

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